Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Back squat stalls
In between each set
10 KBS's
5 KB presses R/L
5 tea cups L/R
10 GHD situps(these still fuck up my my hip flexers)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

WOD number one....This one was for Sue's mom...we join you in your fight!

Power cleans
Wall Ball
Run 800 meters
Power cleans
Wall ball
Run 1 mile
Done: 32 mins

WOD number two(two hours later)
Lumberjack WOD
20 deadlifts
Run 400
Run 400
Box jumps
Run 400
Run 400
20 OHS
Run 400
20 Burpees
Run 400
20 Dumbell squat cleans
Run 400
32 mins

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Last Saturday I ran a 5k in 29mins. It sucked, I hurt all over.


Back Squat 3x 155/ 3x 165/ 3x185 Deadlift 3x 195/ 3x205

KB Front squats
After party
Clean pulls, up to 155#

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eating was Beef for Break-fast
Lunch baked chicken.
WOD: 95#
20 mins for rounds
2 cleans
2 Front squats
4 Back squats
(four rounds)
At the ten min mark I could no longer do the Front squats. Instead of dropping weight I took out the Front squats.
2 Cleans
4 Back Squats
(Four rounds)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wall presses/ Barbell lunges/ beach rows/
10 deadlifts at 135#
200meter sprint
Three rounds 4 min's
lungs gone!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Monday: Backsquats 95#x10, 125#x10, 135#x20,Deadlifts 135#x10, 155#x10, 185#x10,Form control: had to use a ball for depth on backsquats sincei have issues with that. Deadlift, dead stop no touch and go.

Tuesday: Heavy TGU's 10 swings at the end of each set of TGU's: Movement day, meaning just move some weight but don't push limits.

21-15-9 Cleans @ 100# / Paralet push ups with feet on a box.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crossfit Watertown/Lis Darsh

Grow or Die

melistireMelissa drags one of our new toys around out back. (Thanks to Jen for the new tire sleds, sand bags, etc. to spice up our workouts!)

Grow or die. Adapt or wither. Those are really the only two choices that Mother Nature has afforded us since the beginning of time. We’ve seen evolution of plant, animal, and human life that follows this basic rule. Athletics are no different. Grow or die. Adapt or wither.

You can’t expect to sit on your little throne of performance or knowledge and never have to strive, stretch, or change in any way. Or, if you expect or want to, then you’re not our kind anyhow.

We’re interested in people who want to grow, adapt, stretch, and change. People who want to become more than what they already are. If that’s you, call us for your free first session. We can help. And if that’s not you, why are you wasting your time reading our blog?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

pareletts L-holds 5 mins total
Two rounds of 10 parelett push-ups
10 Shoulder dislocates

3,3,3 Snatch presses
3,3,3 push press
3,3,3 Press

My shoulders are weak and sore. After today they need a few days to recover. My overall goal is to just build back my strength. I'm aiming for 2 metcons a week and one heavy day. It all depends on my recovery from each WOD.

Monday, June 15, 2009

It's been a long time buy I'm back!

I've not blogged in a long while. Over the past few months the amount of change in my life has limited my time to blog but to be honest words were not coming to me and I was stuck.
So todays update is, I now live in Watertown, CT and work at Crossfit Watertown. Which is owned by Lis Darsh.
I'm still finding my place here day to day trying to make it my home. I miss my friends in the DC area soooo much but that's life right?!?!?
I'm here following a dream and making life a adventure, I'm not alone on this adventure and that's also exciting.
So don't run away on me....I'll be posting Crossfit, diet and other funky shit as much as I can!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Crying WOD.

Last night I went out to dinner with an old friend and as CrossFit geeks do we talked about our workouts our goals and our weaknesses.

Somehow we got onto the topic of being totally crushed by a workout. Crushed in a way that's beyond physical it hits more on an emotional side but has little to do with anything that's going on in your life..... its just a place in our minds.

Steve explained his experience by saying he was a blubbering puddle of tears and snot at the end. He pulled his shirt or towel over his head and just cried like a school girl. My questions were along the lines of well what as going on in your life? Were there any emotional connections to your outburst? Steve said, none, none at all. It was just some sort of chemical break down in his body and mind that shattered him.

This just happened to me the other day, which is what brought this up. I've never felt like crying during a WOD. I've felt like stopping for different reasons. Bad days, to sore or just not "feeling" it.

Two days ago I did "Elizabeth" 21-15-9/ 95# cleans and Ring dips. I've been pushing it for the last two weeks. My whole body is sore, especially my legs. Sure I have a lot going on in my life, who doesn't? I can honestly say at that place in time nothing was on my mind other then, how the fuck am I going to lift that barbell again?

Curtis had walked away and was busy with something, I looked at the barbell and tears flooded my eyes. All I could think about was laying down and balling. Curtis, yelled from someplace in the gym "pick up the bar Jen!" Ok, Ok...I cleaned it, yelled coming out of the squat then dropped the MF'er on the ground. One more rep down! At that point I felt like giving up and noticed at the same time that I had 100# on the bar and not 95#. This is a big difference if your having a bad WOD day! I pulled the plates off, as Curtis laughed at me. Round two was almost done, round three on the way. Tears again, shakes again. No don't stop Conlin don't stop this is yours.

DONE! My arms are spent, my legs feel like toast. It felt so good to be on the floor, it was like laying on the beach in the sand with a mojito in my hand. Then I cried just a little, and felt close to a place in my head that's totally raw and not very often visited.
I don't mind the trip I took to this location in my mind and body, it's good to know it's there. To be aware of it and not scared of it. To be honest thought I don't need to go back this week or next. I'm stronger for the visit and the memory will last for a while. I've CrossFitted to places within myself which I never knew I had. It's shown me I'm a force to be reckoned with. I'm stronger in mind and body and emotion then your average Jane. This goes for all CrossFitters, we are a tough, emotional bunch. We laugh hard, play hard and can take a beat down.

Thanks for a nice dinner Steve, you're a sweetheart!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fire breathers are one thing....Crossfitting Mom's are another!

Walk into the 6pm or the 7pm even the 8pm Potomac Crossfit classes and you will see some awesome displays of intensity, athletic ability and raw horse power. The room will be full of energy that's contagious! I live for this, it's more of a party to me then a party! It makes me jumpy and excited.

Then most of these fire breathers leave the gym and the music gets turned down....the gym is hushed but the door is still open. Very tentatively you hear it open again, in walk a few local women. They giggle at the sight of some left over Crossfitters laying on the floor in pools of sweat. As we approach each other they look at me like, your not going to make us feel like that are you? I lie and say no! Don't worry, if you feel like that it's up to you. Intensity is self perceived and I will give you time before I push what I think is intense on you. "Phew, thanks Jen I need a little time."
These Mom's are a tough bunch. They start out with loads of I can't do this I can't do that or I've never done that and you wont get me to.
We start on the floor with some of the basics. Ab-mat sit-ups then into the squat back to the floor for some push-ups. Smiles start to appear, they whisper about how there thighs are wobbly all ready. Then I pull out the Kettlebells, it's time to step this up.
They face some kind of fear each time they come in for a workout with me. I see it in there eyes. Then at the end you can sense the empowerment and sense of accomplishment. They are fire breathers! They are CrossFitters...altho they may not know it. This is why I do this!

This is my Good friend Curtis, he's a beast! 43 years old and you still got that sexy strong man thing going on! (your wife told me I could say that!)Your the best dude!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Let's begin to talk about the warming up. Let's start with a video from Jason C Brown of Crossfit Philly.

Warm ups give us a chance to get our bodies moving at the same time as we learn new skills. During our warm-ups at Potomac CrossFit I like to take that time to work in new skills that can be used down the road in a WOD.

I will leave you with this....warm ups are important and should not be overlooked.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Coaching is not over once the music gets turned up!

Oh sure we cheer our Crossfitters on. We push them with vocal motivation..but are we cheerleaders or are we coaches? The music is up, the sweat is on. You can feel the energy flowing through the room everyone is giving 110%.

How are people moving? Do you see through the excitement what's happening to our members? Where are there hips, their heels? Have they picked a weight they can't handle? Have I in this party of CrossFit output lost sight of my true focus, efficient and effective movements that are also functional? Do I have what it takes to put the breaks on some members and say hey man you need to drop weight or we need to fix up your movement on this before you continue? Or do I let it roll and deal with it later? Later after the member is sore, after they have just taught their body how to move incorrectly? Are they paying for a cheerleader only or a coach and a cheerleader?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Who are you?

Does it matter to know who you are? What makes you strong? Weak? Do you know? Can you say it out loud? Or does it live in some deep dark place that you can't go because you're scared? Are you waiting or are you living?

My answers to myself are I know who I am...no I'm not scared of my dark places or my weaknesses. I see them plan as day...some are a detriment and some aren't.

We can live in this knowledge about ourselves or we can let it be a deep dark cave that pulls us away from who we are.

At this point your asking what am I talking about? Has she lost it? Face the fact that there are some places in yourself that you don't know. You peer in and look through the steam but still can't see clearly what of you is in there...waiting for you to discover it be it strong or weak.

These are the hard things in life...these ocean deep things about ourselves.

Rest your body feed your body work your body make it strong.....

Friday, January 23, 2009

Adventures in IF'ing

It really stated almost a year ago. I just played at first, skipping a meal here or there. Then this fall it really took off for me. I upped it to skipping two meals. Although I was not eating as clean as I could have. Mostly at the hospital it was and issue. Lots of carbs and "fruit juice". My biggest nemesis was PB&J, I just could not stay away from them. In a perfect world I could live on PB&J, two maybe three a day. It's now been months since I've had one and I really don't miss them. Part of the reason I had them so often was that I can make them at work for free. I'm not much for saying I can never have something, but in my eating it has proved beneficial for me in some ways. Since giving them up at work I've realized when I wanted one it's not so much that I need it more that I want it. IF'ing has given me the new understanding of when I "need" to eat and when I'm just eating to eat. When I'm IF'ing I feel sharp, wired and have great WOD's. I've become much more sensitive to the effects food has on me. When I break a fast and eat there is a very clear change in how I feel. If I break a fast poorly I feel and immediate mood and physical change. The same if I break it well on high clean protein and some good fat I don't feel slow and sleepy. Today I had a bit to much sugar on the break of my fast and I got super hyper and then smash came off it!
The change in my body has been significant. I'm much leaner and yet not weak. I've lost some weight maybe six pounds but I'm smaller. My pants are smaller and my feet have shrunk..no not really just messing with you! I don't have a lot of photos of when I was much heavyer but I do have some from a while back and you can see the difference.
The above photo is from my brothers wedding two years ago after about six months of Cf'ing and only cutting portion sizes but still eating not so "Clean".
IF'ing has taught me what it means to be hungry and to feel hungry. There is a difference. Now when I'm hungry I eat mostly protein and greens then I don't "feel" this overwhelming desire to eat for a much longer time. For instance today I fasted until 1:30pm. I went to Whole Foods and got chicken and steamed broccoli for myself and Curtis. I ate about three pieces of chicken and about half a cup of broccoli then was really full. I knew about an hour ago I should eat another meal before it got to late and almost had to force myself to eat. Since it's Friday I'm having a beer and I had a banana which was very yellow.
This is a photo of one of my first dead lifts
I no longer wake up longing for a carb load. Which is how I've woke up for as long as I can remember. It started when I was a kid. My Grandparents always made me honey and peanut butter toast. I've been used to that sugar rush forever and it's taken about five months to get over that. Not long really, but hard for me to get through in my head and body. Here's a little list of things I've changed.
Stay away from:
Processed food
Carbs-white food.
It's a simple list but it will get you on your way. My friend EC said it very simply the other day. "If you fall off the wagon, have a bad day for whatever reason just get back on!" Simple. Don't freak, stressing is not going to help on this quest. She also said, "do it for quality of life".
The Science of Fat loss
Another good read

Video Deadlift, KB OHS, Jumping slamball!

JenC KettleBell Over Head Squat from Potomac Crossfit Raw on Vimeo.

JenC Jumping SlamBall from Potomac Crossfit Raw on Vimeo.

JenC DL and Med Ball Clean Round 2 from Potomac Crossfit Raw on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stong while Fasting...not always!

My fast ran long today. I had planned on eating at 1pm but the day got away from me and it ended up I did not eat until 3:30pm today.

I had been all gun ho about my WOD. Once at the Box I was pressed for time and just wanted to put the hurt on fast.

Warm up:
Tabata squats with 17# weight vest on-score 12
Four weighted pull-ups with 15# DB
All done with 95#
10 Back squats (all with BB in BS raked position)
5 walking lunges
4 step ups with
Three rounds.
Skill Work:
Handstands on the wall and on the parallets.
New cues
Tighten your ass. Push weight into fingers.

It was a long fast and no I did not feel strong. Not weak or anything like that but not crazy strong. Almost like I had been out to late and was just a little fatigued. While under the bar it took more mental consecration to keep moving and to push my body up against the bar. Generally though I felt fine, awake and "normal". Having just eaten I now feel sleepy and slower.
Tomorrow being an ER day my eating will be as normal. Which means eat as clean as I can while I'm there. Stay away from sugar, which is really, really hard!

Monday, January 19, 2009

mini WOD's that hurt!

Mini WOD #1;

Two 25# DB's Five push presses followed by Farmers carry full length of gym which is about 25 steps.

Five laps starting and ending with five push presses.

Reason for this mini WOD is to continue to work on my OH strength in Left shoulder. This way it's taxing by not killer.

Mini WOD #2:

Warm up: Skin the cats on the rings. Four sets of five.



15 GHD sit ups

Six rounds for time: 5:41

While at the Box: GTG Ring L-sits and Box jumps @ 38"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kettlebell Workshop at Potomac Crossfit

I'll be doing another Kettlebell workshop called "Beyond the Swing". Which takes you beyond the KB swing into the more complex movements of both one handed and two-handed complexes. You will learn how to strength train with the KB so that you can keep your workouts exciting. This workshop is for intermediate kettlebellers, we will work on the snatch, jerk, clean & jerk, side bent press to name a few. Time will also be spent on program design.

When: January 25th, 12:00 pm – 3 pm
Where: Potomac CrossFit 1039 N Highland St Arlington, VA
Cost: Potomac CrossFit Members/Foundations Athletes - $40
Non-members - $60
Register here
I am the head trainer of Potomac CrossFit. I'm also Kettlebell Athletics certified, CrossFit Gymnastics Certified and a Level 1 Crossfit trainer.
Please visit my friends Pam and Jason who have worked with me in person and via the Internet to improve my kettlebell training and ability to train others at Kettlebell Athletics

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Box Jumps...Still wanting more of that 40"!

I thought I had the 40" Box Jump in me but my Feet were not fully on the box so Lis Darsh called a no count!

Jen's Box Jumps from crossfit watertown on Vimeo.
It's not important but I want 40" or greater on this and will soon.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A playdate with Karen and Grace

"Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'press on' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race."-- Calvin Coolidge

Crossfit Watertown had EC of Crossfit Boston come in and give a talk about nutrition. After the talk we did a WOD. "Playdate with Karen and Grace" It was fun for sure and it was painful....all the things I love in a WOD!

Karen and Grace's Playdate at CrossFit Watertown from crossfit watertown on Vimeo.This Video is courtesy of Lis Darsh owner of CFW

Sunday, January 11, 2009

EC's WOD from Hell!

WOD's over the last few days:

Day one:
Back squats 5x3
Only up to 135lbs

Five rounds for time
5 Deadlifts
15 KB swings@ 20k

Day two:
"Karen and Graces play date" 10 rounds for time or max rounds in 15 mins
3 Clean and Jerks @ 83lbs
15 Wall balls @ 10lbs
Eight rounds
MaD CrossFit video
Day Three:
Bench Rows @ 95
Deadlift shrugs@ 95
Windshield wipers 4 with 75lbs on bar

95lb BB walking lunges five steps
4 step ups onto box two each leg
Five more lunges
Four rounds

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Don't tell me how bad this picture is...I know. Working weakness. It made my shoulder hurt for a week, not in a I've injured it kinda way. In a way that pushed the limit of what I can do with it. It takes almost two weeks after a shoulder intense WOD to feel I can work it again. It has to be worked if I ever want to get back to "Normal". It's a game, of how much and when.

What's your injury or weak place that you have to treat with TL&TLC?

It's hard to say "I can't do that today" in front of our CF'ing peers.

It has to be done if you want to be CrossFitting in 10 years.

What's your future with CrossFit?

Monday, January 05, 2009

10:32 seconds, 9:23 seconds, 3:19 seconds......Done! Jen Done! OK, I got it! Your time was???(feverishly subtracting in my head the time that it took me to look down at the stop clock, while doing this three more people are yelling DONE! WTF!)

In CrossFit time matters. It counts, it gives us an idea of your fitness gains. It's important....or is it? Or how important is it?

Sure time matters, it gives us a baseline, or a reference point. Let's be honest the majority of us are not going to the CrossFit Games. Our games are our fitness gains. Which are in reality far more important. I have huge amounts of respect for our CrossFit Athletes, fast-slow and all that fall in between. The fast and strong give me perspective on what's possible. The slow and determined I have deep respect for, they have mental determination that's worth its weight in gold. We all bleed CrossFit blood. We all want the same thing...be stronger, fitter, faster! Whatever that is for you.

The Clock doesn't lie the trainer does. Yup the secrets out stop the fucking presses! There are times when I hear the primal yell..DONE and I'm writing the last time on the board or I was cuing someone and seconds fly by. Which puts me into guesstimating mode. OK, so I'll drop 3 seconds off that time or 2, whatever.

Is this the sin of a CrossFit trainer? No, I think not.

If I had Eva T and Nicole going head to head for the first time in years by doing"Grace" I would make damn sure I was on top of my watch....unless of course I had turned to stone, due to being awe struck. In which case I would exit stage left and run for my life. Oh wait, I can't run I've been turned to stone! Shit I'm screwed!

Bottom line folks time is important, it defines our gains. It's what makes CrossFit stand alone in the fitness world. Do you hear a but on the tip of my tongue? Yes, you do. But keep it in fucking perspective. Words of wisdom from Jen! That's what I got for ya! I care about each and every CrossFit Athlete I train. Their gains are part of my success, your gains insure your continued devotion to fitness. Which is my heart and soul goal.

Don't live a lie, your trainer is a few seconds behind. You'll live I swear, you'll live! Next time just make sure you go three seconds faster to make up for your trainers slow reflexes. Laugh with your trainer and live to CrossFit another day! We do our best, slow as we are, we do our best.

3-2-1 GOooooooo!

Looking forward to doing this WOD. Not sure when but it's on the list! http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/CrossFit_JaxDLBoxRDWOD.wmv
One more side note. It's nice when people thank you http://www.mightykat.net/thankyou.html

Sunday, January 04, 2009

My WOD's this past few days have been:

3 Rounds:
Walking OH pony Keg lunges #50's
10 GHD sit-ups
Walking OH pony keg lunges
Double 12# Med ball run full gym
15 squat 15# Med ball toss up and back gym
10 Ball slams.
Forgot to start the watch!!!
Yesterday with Capital Barbell club.
Lite Snatches for form, only up to #65. It's amazing how having a coach give you three cues can change everything about your form and make such a huge difference.
Thank you Bull and Rick!
Cleans for form. I have no idea the weights this was purely for form.
Snatch cues:
Start lower, Pull shoulder blades together and flex my lats, drive through the heels..Drive through the heels!!! Start second pull at Two one thousand..push drive through heels. This keeps my ass down and stops me from "turtleling" in my lower back.

Clean Cues...same as the snatch cues! If I can drive through my heels I should be able to move a lot more weight then I have in the passed. The bar was hitting me in the trough. With Bull putting me in the set up I realize that I've been starting way to high and forward.

Today I'm sore and tired, I feel the muscles in my ass and they're tired. I will lift today, but only as much as my body can handle. I will push today but only as much as I can. I will get under the bar, I will Crossfit, I will press forward and rest another day. Today I'm hungry for growth so I wont put down the fork. I've got to get stronger but I wont sacrifice form. I want to be better but I wont push to far. I'll speak to my body and ask it to give me a little more today. I will feed it well and have it adjusted...just today let me lift I want to feel a weight on my shoulders. I'm going to move it with each part of my body working as a unit...going to move the bar....

Friday, January 02, 2009

On some rather dark cold mornings I get to our box here in Arlington Va, sit at the desk and look out over the gym. Turn the music on and just sit there...looking at a dream of four people. When the journey began it was just Brian and I sitting in a Starbucks talking about the possibilities. Funny thing is at that point I had no idea who Dan (Brian's best friend) was. Brian, Dan and I had no idea who Curtis was. Now the four of us are here in Arlington with people flooding in our doors. All the faces, the different goals the different needs. Each of us brings something very unique to the box. Each of us reach a different group or the same groups within our PCF community from different angles.

I'll be honest it's not always easy for all of us to agree on all the decisions we have to make. We all pick our battles with each new thing that arises. I've spent time talking to other affiliate owners and issues come about with partners,It's unavoidable. Do we handle them with honor and respect for each other or do we slap each other around unnecessarily?

I've got a brother who I could not be more different from, Jake and I are at different ends of the world. That being said there is nothing I would not do for him or my sister Casey. Differences make things work...all the same parts will never fit into place.
But I digress..
The Box is cold and quite on these early mornings. Some days I workout other days I sit and collect myself, charging up in an attempt to start our members days out on a positive note. Getting to know who needs what and how to hold the groups attention and give them the energy they need to get through any given WOD(workout of the Day)
They come in, they put out and I charge them up as much as I can. Teaching and coaching, pushing and cuddling some.....They leave.
I swear my body feels like it does after a WOD. I immediately get lethargic and sleepy. I've given and received a dream. It takes as much as it gives. You can think if you want that I'm being overly dramatic, that's fine. This is the way I feel it's my job and it's a joy. They keep coming in the door and I keep learning a new way to train a new person as a part of a group. It's an exercise in flexibility and adaptation.
Potomac Crossfit is a school yard and we Brian, Dan, Curtis and I are the school kids. We play and we learn.