Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stong while Fasting...not always!

My fast ran long today. I had planned on eating at 1pm but the day got away from me and it ended up I did not eat until 3:30pm today.

I had been all gun ho about my WOD. Once at the Box I was pressed for time and just wanted to put the hurt on fast.

Warm up:
Tabata squats with 17# weight vest on-score 12
Four weighted pull-ups with 15# DB
All done with 95#
10 Back squats (all with BB in BS raked position)
5 walking lunges
4 step ups with
Three rounds.
Skill Work:
Handstands on the wall and on the parallets.
New cues
Tighten your ass. Push weight into fingers.

It was a long fast and no I did not feel strong. Not weak or anything like that but not crazy strong. Almost like I had been out to late and was just a little fatigued. While under the bar it took more mental consecration to keep moving and to push my body up against the bar. Generally though I felt fine, awake and "normal". Having just eaten I now feel sleepy and slower.
Tomorrow being an ER day my eating will be as normal. Which means eat as clean as I can while I'm there. Stay away from sugar, which is really, really hard!

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