Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ayuthuya Muay Thai at CrossFit DC


Just a few more pic's from today's CF. The guy with his back to you with a white t-shirt on is in the secrete service. We can not show his face!
Plan for the week is to do speed work on Tuesday. Something like Med ball and tire pull on the field. I work mid week. Friday will be a long ride at lest 40 and Saturday will be 25 to 30 miles. Then I'm off the bike for the next week. Maybe some flexibility work up to the ride. Arm bars, Turkish get ups PVC work. Then ride and hope it does not take me a week to recover. Only thing that will suck more than the 100 miles will be the 3 hour drive home alone!

Made it to CF again today. It's good to not work on Sundays! We did a warm up in the gym that was hard. I decided I don't like bear crawls! Then a chipper of 7 exercises. I hit a PR on the deadlift of 185! It was hard but felt good!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

We had a good ride out behind MDU today. It was windy which made for more work. The wind was actually nice with it being so humid. We did around 24 miles which is not a long ride but I'm just keeping my legs fresh right now. No big killer rides till the livestrong ride is done . My legs felt good.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Just got done riding 35 or so miles. Nesto has been keep my pace up..Kicking my ass! In the past I fight a lot of leg fatigue so my miles are less with more frequent rides. It felt really good today. Working on my feet all day for 12 hours running like a fucking nut around the ER never gives me much recovery. Now it's rest time. I hope I feel strong for the Lance Armstrong ride. If anyone reading this would like to make a donation you can go to my link and do it on line.
Just go to the LiveStrong site then to the Philly ride and put my name in Jennifer Conlin.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Today I met with Jo to give her a workout in the park near her house. She gave the sandbag a try. It's 40lbs and it seems that is to heavy. So I plan on dropping it to 30 and trying it again. It's such a great tool once you figure out how to handle it and what weight works for people.
For my personal workout I was dragging ass. My body and mind were fatigued from work.
5 rounds for time
Ball slams 20
40lb bag thrusters 10
Kb hang cleans 10 each arm
Then run 1/2 mile to the park and attempted kipping pullups. To no avail. I can hang and I can swing but I can't pull up....AAAGH! Also worked on parallettes knees to chest. Ran side shuffle up the hill and ran home. Played a little with some parkour jumps over a little wall.
I got this next list off this other guys blog. I really like it!

1. Train frequently, hard, and not to failure.
2. Overload your whole system, not just your bicep.
3. You grow during rest, not during training.
4. Use whole body, systemic, exercises.
5. Vary your workload with planned lower intensity days or weeks.
6. Rest properly
7. Focus on progression
8. Eat adequate calories. If you overeat, will wear the extra calories.
9. Strength means getting good at lifting heavy stuff, being able to endure doing it for duration, and managing it in extreme ranges of motion with good mechanics.
10. Training should make you healthier, stronger, more flexible, more enduring, and leaner.
11. There are NO secrets, only the truth waiting to be uncovered, reorganized, or adjusted.
12. Don't take any of this stuff too seriously, there ARE bigger things in life.

He also wrote this on his blog and I agree with him totally.
Aside from athletes, women as they approach middle age, are morbidly undermuscled. This is what getting old is about. The most dangerous component of this affliction, is the weak neck. I see more women with a forward projected, skinny neck, than I can shake a stick at. Aside from injury and poor posture, an undermuscled frame is the cause. General strength training with overhead lifting will increase trapezious and neck strength to a degree. So will deadlifting and pulling exercise. You will not find this in Pilates, Yoga, or Spinning. Weight machines frequently isolate to an abnormal degree, proper muscle function. Actually picking up heavy stuff and lifting it is the first step. The second step is direct exercise for the muscles of the neck region. I'll cover this further in a future article and I will feature it in my upcoming DVD, "Concrete Conflict and Conditioning".
Tom Furman

Sunday, August 20, 2006

CFDC today. It was a good class for me since I got to work on some DL form. It was a small class being summer and all. We warmed up on the Ergo and tread mills. Then Tom had us doing 30 Ring push ups, 30 knee to chest, DL's, and back extentions...30, 20 10. At some point we were moving to slow so he dropped the numbers to up the pace. It was a good workout and I'm sure I will feel it in the morning. I really enjoy the rowing. My legs were killing me from riding the last few days. We did a 500 meter sprint my time was like 2:14 or something. If I had the space I would have one in the house for winter workouts. But I have rollers and that should do just fine.
I feel bad because I always forget peoples names at CFDC. So I can't put names on the pictures that I have. Sorry!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Today I road 26 miles. So I've done 50 miles in two days. Next ride will be a long one. I did 5 interval's of 1,2 and 3 minutes at about 65 to 75 max out put. As I was coming home there was a strong head wind that was really taking it out of me. I managed to get onto a group of guys who were going about 20mph and man did that help with the last few miles.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Got back on the bike today. Rode about 25 miles which is not enough since my century is right around the bend and I'm not ready. I think with learning all the new stuff from Underground strength Coach and CF I lost a bit of time in the saddle. So I ride again in the morning. This afternoon Di and I did a short but heavy sandbag and ring workout.
Sandbag Thrusters 5
Sandbag lunges 5
X 5
Jumping chins 5
15lb ball slams 5
X 5
PVC pipe overhead work. Shoulders and form. Trying to teach how to activate the lats and pull down the shoulder blades. It's a hard thing to teach.
Sandbag approach work. Start your lift as you walk up to the bag. Approach the bag and prepare your body for proper lifting. It's a state of mind. You walk up envisioning your self being ergonomic correct. Turn on the mind be aware of the body. Where you are in space.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I've had a head cold and today was the first day in three days that I felt like I could do a workout.
So first I did a workout from CF
DL x 5
Hang clean x5
squat x 5
push press x 5
five times for time, with 20lb DB's.
Part Two

2 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
4 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
6 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
8 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
10 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
12 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
14 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
16 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
18 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
20 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
This afternoon I worked with the sandbag a little and the Sledge hammer. 8lbs never felt so heavy! The weather today was made for cycling but just coming off having a cold I felt I should wait. I really liked the sandbag. It needs to gain about 10lbs to be a real challenge for me. Looking at photo of the rings this is the point that I'm stuck. It looks like the rings are to far back behind me??? Humm?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Check out Diane pulling in the 35lb Kettlebell! Go Di!
My new fav workout Ropeball. Duck under the rope with the Med ball then thruster up the other side. It's like a side lunge. The rope forces you to go low. Nice work Nesto and Judy!


Jo, two short workouts for your week off!

Dynamic warm up:
Blurpees 10
Run down the street to third mailbox
Mt Climbers 20
J Jacks 20

Pushups 20
Sky to Ground squats 20..One hand overhead change hands at 10
Squats 20 hold at the bottom of each for 5 secs

Short rest
Repeat do 15 next set and 10 for your last set.

Workout two:
Side shuffle down to mailbox and back
20 broad jumps
20 tuck jumps
run to mailbox and back

Short rest
Take your time but not crazy amounts of time. You will need to stop...but not for long!
(Big numbers)
Pushups 30
J. Jacks 40
Squats 50
blurpees 15

When doing any exercise with a squat move drive the heals in and tighten the core up. At the top pop the hips and squeeze the ass!
Kettlebell Snatch


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today was a field day again. Since I'm trying to stay away from pushups and pullups for a few more days.
Med ball toss overhead down soccer field
side toss back soccer field
soccer toss down field
overhead back

Tire pull 1/2 soccer field X 4 on fourth pull 10 thrusters
41 pound rope pull X 4 on fourth pull 10 thrusters
Two more tire pulls with 30lbs in tire for me and 24lbs for Diane.

Back at house.
Rock squats 10
sledge hammer hits 20

Rings 4 skin the cats for ROM in shoulders

Joanna's workout
Jump Rope warm up for 3 mins
Walking Jump rope around courts.
Med ball toss around the courts(side, overhead, and soccer toss)
No rest
Resistance band run around the courts

Thrusters 15lbs 20 seconds work 10 SEC's rest 4 sets.
Ball slams with 15lb med ball
ABD work
knee to chin 20
V-ups 20
Side ups 10 each side

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Underground strength training for mma and grappling

Kick Ass!
Killer crossfit workout

yeah baby!
Today I will try this one from Crossfit Philly.
2 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
4 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
6 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
8 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
10 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
12 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
14 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
16 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
18 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position
20 Front Squats
10 Sec Hold in the bottom position

Monday, August 07, 2006

This past Saturday we had fun in the park. Judy and Nesto came to join in.
Three Big movements.
4 Tire drag times up and back at one end 10 thrusters each time.
4 Weighted rope pull 40lb pull leaghth of rope and at one end 10 ball slams
4 Sand bag lunge and walk back with the sand bag at the court do 10 squats with the sand bag
End on what you began on.
Rope ball.
Shoulder height rope.
Take the Med ball and duck under and up with a thruster. 4X2
We should have done slams at the end of the rope but I time!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

RKC Armbar

Watch and learn!
Alternating Kettlebell Snatch and Clean

check this out!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Today I hope to get Ernesto and Judy to workout with me at the park. I had a big workout planed for Saturday morning but Joanna has poison ivy so we are off. Which could be a good thing since we have a party at our house in the evening. Lot's to do to get ready! I wanted to link Jerry Hills camp but for some reason it won't work. Here it is Check it out it rocks! It's a great place to get instruction on exercises and just some inspiration.
Warm up:
J Rope 100
Tuck jumps 50
15 blurpees

Repeat 3 times
Rope pull with 30lbs X 2
Sandbag carry length of field X 2
Tire pull X 2

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Today I put in my Underground Strength Coach Affiliate application. I have no idea if I will ever make money off of it but it's can't hurt to try.
Yesterday I got my B-day gift from Di. It's a 15lb med ball. NICE! I'm going to use it in few minutes down at the park. I also made a med ball with a basketball. I hope it holds!!
Drills for me today
Up and back soccer field with tire.
10 med ball slams
repeat 4 times