Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jen's WOD

warm up:

Hang cleans off blocks







Hang cleans off blocks

GHD situps


Three hours later

Ride 15 miles no climbing to speak of. My legs are Shattered!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Todays WOD
Ride 40 mins or 16 miles
24k KB
10 swings
1 elevated push-up
10 swings
2 elevated push-up
10 swings
3 elevated push-ups
10 swings
4 elevated push-ups
10 swings
5 elevated push-ups
10 swings
5 elevated push-ups
10 swings
6 elevated push-ups
10 swings
7 elevated push-ups
10 swings
8 elevated push-ups
10 swings
9 elevated push-ups
10 swings
10 elevated push-ups
Mr pukie made a visit to my house today! It was just way too hot to do this outside!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Was thinking too much about what to do today. I wanna work on Thrusters, I wanna work the rings. Both together would be too much for my shoulder.

What did I come up with.


Thrusters with 75lb bar


Yes, it was too heavy for my shoulder. That's why the numbers are what they are. Am I sore in my shoulder....fuck yes!

3:00 mins

Going to ice.

Went Grocery shopping:

One minuet each no rest

Sumo dead-lift highpulls 16k KB=20 reps

Snatches Left 12k KB=15 reps

Snatches Right 12k KB=13 reps

Swings 16k KB=20 reps

Clean and Press Right 12k KB=13 reps

Clean and Press Left 12k KB=12 reps

SDHP's 16k KB=20 reps

Highpulls Right 12k KB=15

Highpulls Left 12k KB=13

SDHP's 16k KB= 20 reps

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fight Gone Bad...kinda.
It's a workday so I can't blow myself up. I did this at work with my KB and just the space I had to work with.

10lb Wall-ball

Kettelbell cleans 30sec Left/Right

Box jumps

Sit-Throughs(as seen on the CF Philly Vid)

One minuet each then rest one minuet and repeat. One the second round I changed cleans for high-pulls Left 30 seconds Right 30 seconds.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Potomac Crossfit's Video from this past Saturday's workout in the park.
Everyone really worked hard and held form! Awesome! Alot of the people you see in this video have only been doing CF for a few weeks and for others it was there frist time!
I can't wait to see you all in Arlington when we open the Box!

My Personal WOD:
Stress the Shoulder and make Jen Run! Running sucks!
Thrusters with two 20lbs DBs
Run one city block inbetween rounds.

Remember to Get you Potomac T's on the site. Go to the left of this page and hit the link at the picture of the T's!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Today Potomac Crossfit had a park workout at Greenbriar Park/Yorktown High School Park in Arlington. We had another great turn out of about 15 to 20 people.

The WOD:

Run 400 (only once)

3 or 5 rounds of

20 reverse OH dumbbell lunges

30 squats

20 Renegade Rows(advanced with pushup, intermediate just row)

Then for my personal WOD once I got home.

Warm up20 slam-balls at 15#

Mow back yard


3 points of pain 3 rounds

20 24k KB swings

20 jumping slam-balls

20 16k KB cleans each arm

Rest 10 mins

Mow front yard

3 rounds 5 double 16k KB cleans

5 side-bent presses

5 double 16k KB front squats

Potomac Crossfit T's are in! Drop me a line if you want to buy one. They're twenty dollars each. Or go to and ask Brian about them.

Brian Wilson who is also Part owner and a Crossfit Coach at Potomac Crossfit.

"I was a Division I baseball player in college that transitioned into a triathlete/marathoner/adventure racer. As the time and expense continued to grow with these hobbies, it butted up against my career as a Marine Corps Officer. So needed to shift gears and started into a more traditional body building approach that is pretty common in the military. The longer I stuck with this though, the further out of shape I became, no matter what the time commitment (or supplement dollars) I threw at it. After several years of this I was introduced to CrossFit and the addiction began. I’ve been CrossFitting fairly religiously throughout the last two years and after I got my LVL I Certification was completely committed to opening a box. So here we are, Potomac CrossFit."

Thursday, June 19, 2008

If you've not made you way over to Aaron's blog unbreakable fitness your missing out. His insights and philosophy's are right on!
Crossfit Endurance is my new fav! No I'm not an endurance person. I apply what they teach in a different way. Go see for yourself.
At Crossfit Santa Cruz you can see some great Zone meals and if your not following the WOD at CF HQ they have some very scalable WODS.
Zach writes from the heart. His passion is incredible! He tells it like it is and I dig that!

This next one is Jason C. Browns site. It's a member only site. It has great how to videos for KB's, DB's and body weight movements. Worth every penny!

For all you Oly lifting information go to Catalyst Athletics.

Today's WOD:

I had a busy morning and just wanted to get it done today. I needed something brutal and short. So I did a modified "Grace" 30 clean and Jerks for time. My First 10 were with a 75# bar and bumpers. The rest were done with a 45# sandbag. My time was 3:40. I warmed up with 50 KB swings at 16k.

Right before I worked out I realized that I left my Camera at the park in DC. Being pissed off at myself helped to get my to do this WOD with and attitude!
The above photo is Heather from the east coast challenge. She's an amazing athlete!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Personal WODs

Sunday second time on the bike since last October. I rode to CFDC and just did some GHD situps taught Elements and road home. I really felt it in my shoulder!

Monday workday WOD: Tabata swings. I'm still feeling sore in my shoulder so I used the 12k KB.


Warm up: Spider lunge, squats, sit ups

WOD: Five times for time

20 Reverse lunges with 15# DB Over head switch sides at 10

20 air squats

20 Renegade Rows


My shoulder is pretty sore but I'm getting some work done on it this week and will go ice it now.
Afternoon skill work: 2x20
DB snatch
DB High pulls
DB Push Press

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today Potomac Crossfit did Fight Gone bad at Greenbrier park in Alrlington, VA. It was a great turn out and a hard ass workout!

See more @

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Have you checked out http://www.potomaccrossfit/ ? I wish you would!
This is Dan. He's one of the owners of Potomac Crossfit and he's a Crossfit Coach.
Dan's one athletic dude and I'm proud to have him as a fellow coach and buisness partner.
Read more about Dan.....
"I’ve always been fairly athletic, but I am not an elite athlete. I’ve always been intellectually curious, but I am rarely the smartest guy in the room. I started working out regularly (again) and with intensity during my 10 months in Iraq (I am a Naval Flight Officer). It was something I could do to briefly get away from the job. Also, I turned 30, and knew that the days of athletically getting by on my youth were over. At that time, I was not doing CrossFit, but I was building a good base doing diverse workouts (mainly to fight off boredom in the gym). When I got back from Iraq, Brian (Co-Owner, Naval Academy Classmate, 2000) kept hounding me to do CrossFit. I was skeptical - as I tend to be. It seemed like it was a little bit of smoke and mirrors - how could workouts so brief possibly train you for much longer endeavors? I actually gave CrossFit a chance as a way to conserve time. Since then, my perspective on CrossFit has completely changed. Bottom line, it works. I am in the best shape of life. No caveats. I do not dread workouts - I savor them. The diversity of the CrossFit program has me constantly learning - which I love. I believe in CrossFit and what it does enough to start a business in it. I believe in Brian and Jen (Co-Owner and Head Trainer) and who they are enough to start a business with them. Come check us out."

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Coach Rutherford I have a question for you. When you have the DB's at your shoulders for any reason is it preferred to have them like this??

Or to hold them like you would a Oly bar like this..

I of course have my own thoughts on this but would really like your feedback first. Thanks for your time.

Coach Rut's answer:
"Since I use dumbbells primarily for conditioning and not for strength tests, I let the athlete pick them up and do their own thing. My experience demonstrates that the neutral grip (position one in your photo palm facing the ear) allows for great extension and an active shoulder so if someone looks confused I preach that neutral grip.

In either case I really want full extension with the shoulder up and the arm on or slightly behind the ear.

Thanks for asking!"

Coach Rut, thanks for taking time to stop by and give us that feedback it means a lot coming from you. I have loads of respect for you!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Sumo Dead-lift from Hell.

Top three winning ladies. In the white tank top on the right side we have Kristy from CFDC and Primal.

Please take a trip over to to see more pictures and results!

I'm back from Upstate! What a trip! Let's get to the important stuff. My CFT Crossfit Total is a PR overall!

Back Squat 180#

Press 85#! WHooot! Big improvement and testament to making a come back from an injury by being smart and taking it slow and doing Crossfit!

Deadlift 255# I rounded out a bit but overall not bad. This is 10lbs over my before injury PR.

520 is the total.
I had third place in my weight class! Yup that's a medal!
I did not do the run or the Hopper. It bothered me but I want to get and stay fit not injured.
I have a load of photos that I will get up soon, also some stories.
The people at the event were great! I even had two beer angels who kept me well supplied! Thank you!

Kristy in the above photo of Crosfit Alex, VA. She was awesome! We had some great laughs together.

I think the young man in the photo above is Dave of CF Brooklyn, NY. What a beast! He worked so hard during this WOD I wanted to cry!

Tanya was the overall winning lady. What an awesome athlete!