Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crossfit Watertown/Lis Darsh

Grow or Die

melistireMelissa drags one of our new toys around out back. (Thanks to Jen for the new tire sleds, sand bags, etc. to spice up our workouts!)

Grow or die. Adapt or wither. Those are really the only two choices that Mother Nature has afforded us since the beginning of time. We’ve seen evolution of plant, animal, and human life that follows this basic rule. Athletics are no different. Grow or die. Adapt or wither.

You can’t expect to sit on your little throne of performance or knowledge and never have to strive, stretch, or change in any way. Or, if you expect or want to, then you’re not our kind anyhow.

We’re interested in people who want to grow, adapt, stretch, and change. People who want to become more than what they already are. If that’s you, call us for your free first session. We can help. And if that’s not you, why are you wasting your time reading our blog?


Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

about freaking time you started updated again.....

brian said...

That was a really interesting post you got there. Really hit me and started to think of changing my ways. My body really needs some stretching and exercise. Not to mention my tummy is really getting big now. Thanks for sharing and more power.

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