Monday, January 05, 2009

10:32 seconds, 9:23 seconds, 3:19 seconds......Done! Jen Done! OK, I got it! Your time was???(feverishly subtracting in my head the time that it took me to look down at the stop clock, while doing this three more people are yelling DONE! WTF!)

In CrossFit time matters. It counts, it gives us an idea of your fitness gains. It's important....or is it? Or how important is it?

Sure time matters, it gives us a baseline, or a reference point. Let's be honest the majority of us are not going to the CrossFit Games. Our games are our fitness gains. Which are in reality far more important. I have huge amounts of respect for our CrossFit Athletes, fast-slow and all that fall in between. The fast and strong give me perspective on what's possible. The slow and determined I have deep respect for, they have mental determination that's worth its weight in gold. We all bleed CrossFit blood. We all want the same stronger, fitter, faster! Whatever that is for you.

The Clock doesn't lie the trainer does. Yup the secrets out stop the fucking presses! There are times when I hear the primal yell..DONE and I'm writing the last time on the board or I was cuing someone and seconds fly by. Which puts me into guesstimating mode. OK, so I'll drop 3 seconds off that time or 2, whatever.

Is this the sin of a CrossFit trainer? No, I think not.

If I had Eva T and Nicole going head to head for the first time in years by doing"Grace" I would make damn sure I was on top of my watch....unless of course I had turned to stone, due to being awe struck. In which case I would exit stage left and run for my life. Oh wait, I can't run I've been turned to stone! Shit I'm screwed!

Bottom line folks time is important, it defines our gains. It's what makes CrossFit stand alone in the fitness world. Do you hear a but on the tip of my tongue? Yes, you do. But keep it in fucking perspective. Words of wisdom from Jen! That's what I got for ya! I care about each and every CrossFit Athlete I train. Their gains are part of my success, your gains insure your continued devotion to fitness. Which is my heart and soul goal.

Don't live a lie, your trainer is a few seconds behind. You'll live I swear, you'll live! Next time just make sure you go three seconds faster to make up for your trainers slow reflexes. Laugh with your trainer and live to CrossFit another day! We do our best, slow as we are, we do our best.

3-2-1 GOooooooo!

Looking forward to doing this WOD. Not sure when but it's on the list!
One more side note. It's nice when people thank you

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Matt said...

Jen, great post. Have you seen Doug Chapman's "Clock Whores" post he has a lot to say on a similar subject. Hope to see you in Watertown this weekend