Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Don't tell me how bad this picture is...I know. Working weakness. It made my shoulder hurt for a week, not in a I've injured it kinda way. In a way that pushed the limit of what I can do with it. It takes almost two weeks after a shoulder intense WOD to feel I can work it again. It has to be worked if I ever want to get back to "Normal". It's a game, of how much and when.

What's your injury or weak place that you have to treat with TL&TLC?

It's hard to say "I can't do that today" in front of our CF'ing peers.

It has to be done if you want to be CrossFitting in 10 years.

What's your future with CrossFit?

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CFDC Maiko said...

for extra TLC, these days it's my back since I retweaked it back in November. Feels pretty good right now though. But yeah, backing off in class can be hard, but proper recovery is important.

My future with CF? Not sure...I think naturally I would break off and start doing more strength work versus metcon, but who knows.