Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Over the last month I've been pretty upset about my dog louie. He has decided that he does not feel safe with anyone but Di and I. He has been lunging at people, I just can't trust him right now. We are getting some trainer to come in and work with us. I feel kind of hopless about it at this point. At home he is sweet and fun as can be. He and I have a bond. But he has to like others for me to keep him. So this journey is a tough one. We will see. So yesterday no workout I just had to go someplace and chill.

I'm not a church goer. This is the National Cathedral. (www.cathedral.org)
One of the most beautiful places in DC. This is a church but it serves all faiths. Everyone is welcome there. American Indians, Wickens, and all the other Known faiths. The building is the most awesome thing in DC. It has carvings from all faiths and backgrounds on it in the form of gargoyles. I say it's the number one place to take your guests who come to town, not to mention it's free. For me it's the landscaping. Which is open and free to all. You can sit and drink and eat in the beautiful bishops garden. Someday Di and I hope to have our commitment ceremony there. Ok off to work!

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Crew!

Action is the name of the game!

Willie going in for a Ball with force!

Jess was the Rocking Dodgeball queen!
Line up one more time!

The Dodgeball party!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

First some thoughts for today.
"There is no female mind. The brain is not an organ of sex. As well speak of a female liver."
Charlotte Perkins Gilman

OK, just one more quote. It's my favorite and I stand behind it everyday.

"I am a woman above everything else."
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis


Ok, it's the third time I've done this WOD this week. Today I got my best time, 3:34! Now I'll give it a rest for a bit and see if I can get 3 or under.
Diane got 4:50.
Then we did some KB swings person one for 1 min then person 2 for a min 3 rounds followed by a cool down round of 30 seconds. I kept my numbers in the 40's.

Yesterday with Jerry at Crossfit Challenge
Hang cleans I worked my way up to 110 I think? Gotta get under that bar faster. Jerry says I've got the power and I'm getting it up to my chest now I just have to get under it.

The we did 6 rounds for time of
5 deadlifts at 135#
5 presses at 45#
I should have gone a bit heavier on the press but was unsure what my shoulder would feel like.
I think we both finished in the 5 min area. I have to ask him for the time. I dug this workout. Fast, heavy and power centered!

Jerry Hill of Crossfit Old Town Challenge.

"The Clean"
Squat clean aka Full Clean aka Clean = start from the floor, catch in a full squat.
Hang clean = start from the hang position (above or below the knees), catch in the full squat position.
Power clean = start from the floor, catch in a quarter or half squat position aka the power position.
Hang power clean = start from the hang position above or below the knees, catch in the quarter or half squat.
"Hang" describes where you start.
"Power" describes where you catch.
I have to say this is one of my fav's. I like to do cleans with KB's and Barbells more than I like doing them with DB's.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Look at the workout that I did with all the Front squats. The total pounds moved during that workout would be 8427#. I like to look at the numbers sometimes. Since if you want to get stronger you have to go heavier. For me I want to go heavier but not so heavy that I can't try to go faster with good form as well. Also I can't go crazy heavy to often. So that was a heavy day for me.

On July 17 my before work WOD was
Overhead squats with PVC pipe
and Burpees
For time
My legs were really sore from the heavy day so this was a challenge!
Yesterday My before work WOD was
Spider man craw gym
Superman's 10
Side shuffles gym

Tabata Overhead Squats with PVC pipe(20 seconds work 10 seconds rest for 8 sets)
I really dug this Tabata it's good for my OHS.

The above picture is Nicole from Crossfit. This is her bodyweight OHS. At this point in my Crossfit adventures I'm able to do 5 OHS's with 75#'s 5 times with "good" form. And I work on these twice a week. So just imagin how hard it is to do bodyweight! Nicole can do 15 OHS's with bodyweight! OMG!

One last thing. Check out Crossfit DC's blog. It's got a whole new look!

Monday, July 16, 2007

A workout I don't think I will do again for a long ass time!
Front squats, or odd object squats
75# BB
45# keg
2/25# db's
2 Kettelbells 16/12k
For time
It was painful!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday in the park we had Di, Fay and Zoe.
It was a beginners day
Warm up
Side shuffles 4 laps on b-ball court
walking lunges 2 laps
40 J. jacks
Workout 1
5 push ups, 15 squats, 20 J. Jacks
as many rounds as you can in 10 mins
Di and Fay got 10 rounds
Zoe had 8

Over the last two days Di and I have done two great local rides. One out behind MDU and the other from Hains Point to Old town for coffee at Mishas.
Great rides!
Check out this photo. http://photoblog.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2007/07/08/261829.aspx

Workout 2
5 KB swings, 5 each arm push press, 10 goblet squats
as many rounds as you can in 10 mins
Diane 10 rounds!
Fay 7
Zoe 5
Nice work!

Me as I was putting things away
Two sets of 10 push presses with two 25# DB's
Overhead walk to shed with DB's
Overhead walk to shed one 12k KB one 16k

Lots to do today so had to fit it in where a I could.
Mowed lawn as warm up
20 ball slams
20 KB swings with 12k
20 KB swings with 16k
10 Presses with two 25# DBs
With being pressed for time and taking it easy on my shoulder that's all I've got today.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Tour DE France the sporting event beyond all others!


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Rode to Crossfit 13 miles
21,15, 9
OHS with PVC
Rode home 13 miles

IT'S Tour De France Time!

I have a love for the Tour De France that I can't explain. I end up crying at certain points because it is the most grueling sporting event in the world. It takes passion and ability to even finish this race.. Every year that it takes place is history in the making. Don't miss out on a very amazing event. I will see it in person someday!

Crossfit Field Day

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Crossfit DC girls were hitting it heavy today! Tom as always makes us believe we can lift the world! Which brings out the best in us!
I think that Adrienne, Aleen and I all had PR's today. My deadlift PR was 205, today I got 210. It was a strong 210, the last time I pulled it my lower back rounded out. Today my shoulders dropped a bit but my back stayed strong. So I guess all the Superman's and up-agaist that wall squats have helped. I also got a back squat PR of 195#. I've never spent a lot of time doing them. I think the last time I was at 115 or so. I went for 205 but lost it. I think I could get it if I had tried again. For some reason the push press was not my deal today. I can get multiples of 70lbs but could not get 85lbs. Oh well.