Monday, January 26, 2009

Who are you?

Does it matter to know who you are? What makes you strong? Weak? Do you know? Can you say it out loud? Or does it live in some deep dark place that you can't go because you're scared? Are you waiting or are you living?

My answers to myself are I know who I I'm not scared of my dark places or my weaknesses. I see them plan as day...some are a detriment and some aren't.

We can live in this knowledge about ourselves or we can let it be a deep dark cave that pulls us away from who we are.

At this point your asking what am I talking about? Has she lost it? Face the fact that there are some places in yourself that you don't know. You peer in and look through the steam but still can't see clearly what of you is in there...waiting for you to discover it be it strong or weak.

These are the hard things in life...these ocean deep things about ourselves.

Rest your body feed your body work your body make it strong.....

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