Friday, January 02, 2009

On some rather dark cold mornings I get to our box here in Arlington Va, sit at the desk and look out over the gym. Turn the music on and just sit there...looking at a dream of four people. When the journey began it was just Brian and I sitting in a Starbucks talking about the possibilities. Funny thing is at that point I had no idea who Dan (Brian's best friend) was. Brian, Dan and I had no idea who Curtis was. Now the four of us are here in Arlington with people flooding in our doors. All the faces, the different goals the different needs. Each of us brings something very unique to the box. Each of us reach a different group or the same groups within our PCF community from different angles.

I'll be honest it's not always easy for all of us to agree on all the decisions we have to make. We all pick our battles with each new thing that arises. I've spent time talking to other affiliate owners and issues come about with partners,It's unavoidable. Do we handle them with honor and respect for each other or do we slap each other around unnecessarily?

I've got a brother who I could not be more different from, Jake and I are at different ends of the world. That being said there is nothing I would not do for him or my sister Casey. Differences make things work...all the same parts will never fit into place.
But I digress..
The Box is cold and quite on these early mornings. Some days I workout other days I sit and collect myself, charging up in an attempt to start our members days out on a positive note. Getting to know who needs what and how to hold the groups attention and give them the energy they need to get through any given WOD(workout of the Day)
They come in, they put out and I charge them up as much as I can. Teaching and coaching, pushing and cuddling some.....They leave.
I swear my body feels like it does after a WOD. I immediately get lethargic and sleepy. I've given and received a dream. It takes as much as it gives. You can think if you want that I'm being overly dramatic, that's fine. This is the way I feel it's my job and it's a joy. They keep coming in the door and I keep learning a new way to train a new person as a part of a group. It's an exercise in flexibility and adaptation.
Potomac Crossfit is a school yard and we Brian, Dan, Curtis and I are the school kids. We play and we learn.

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Donna said...

you passion shows jen, keep up the good work, your clients need you.