Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fire breathers are one thing....Crossfitting Mom's are another!

Walk into the 6pm or the 7pm even the 8pm Potomac Crossfit classes and you will see some awesome displays of intensity, athletic ability and raw horse power. The room will be full of energy that's contagious! I live for this, it's more of a party to me then a party! It makes me jumpy and excited.

Then most of these fire breathers leave the gym and the music gets turned down....the gym is hushed but the door is still open. Very tentatively you hear it open again, in walk a few local women. They giggle at the sight of some left over Crossfitters laying on the floor in pools of sweat. As we approach each other they look at me like, your not going to make us feel like that are you? I lie and say no! Don't worry, if you feel like that it's up to you. Intensity is self perceived and I will give you time before I push what I think is intense on you. "Phew, thanks Jen I need a little time."
These Mom's are a tough bunch. They start out with loads of I can't do this I can't do that or I've never done that and you wont get me to.
We start on the floor with some of the basics. Ab-mat sit-ups then into the squat back to the floor for some push-ups. Smiles start to appear, they whisper about how there thighs are wobbly all ready. Then I pull out the Kettlebells, it's time to step this up.
They face some kind of fear each time they come in for a workout with me. I see it in there eyes. Then at the end you can sense the empowerment and sense of accomplishment. They are fire breathers! They are CrossFitters...altho they may not know it. This is why I do this!

This is my Good friend Curtis, he's a beast! 43 years old and you still got that sexy strong man thing going on! (your wife told me I could say that!)Your the best dude!

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