Friday, January 23, 2009

Adventures in IF'ing

It really stated almost a year ago. I just played at first, skipping a meal here or there. Then this fall it really took off for me. I upped it to skipping two meals. Although I was not eating as clean as I could have. Mostly at the hospital it was and issue. Lots of carbs and "fruit juice". My biggest nemesis was PB&J, I just could not stay away from them. In a perfect world I could live on PB&J, two maybe three a day. It's now been months since I've had one and I really don't miss them. Part of the reason I had them so often was that I can make them at work for free. I'm not much for saying I can never have something, but in my eating it has proved beneficial for me in some ways. Since giving them up at work I've realized when I wanted one it's not so much that I need it more that I want it. IF'ing has given me the new understanding of when I "need" to eat and when I'm just eating to eat. When I'm IF'ing I feel sharp, wired and have great WOD's. I've become much more sensitive to the effects food has on me. When I break a fast and eat there is a very clear change in how I feel. If I break a fast poorly I feel and immediate mood and physical change. The same if I break it well on high clean protein and some good fat I don't feel slow and sleepy. Today I had a bit to much sugar on the break of my fast and I got super hyper and then smash came off it!
The change in my body has been significant. I'm much leaner and yet not weak. I've lost some weight maybe six pounds but I'm smaller. My pants are smaller and my feet have not really just messing with you! I don't have a lot of photos of when I was much heavyer but I do have some from a while back and you can see the difference.
The above photo is from my brothers wedding two years ago after about six months of Cf'ing and only cutting portion sizes but still eating not so "Clean".
IF'ing has taught me what it means to be hungry and to feel hungry. There is a difference. Now when I'm hungry I eat mostly protein and greens then I don't "feel" this overwhelming desire to eat for a much longer time. For instance today I fasted until 1:30pm. I went to Whole Foods and got chicken and steamed broccoli for myself and Curtis. I ate about three pieces of chicken and about half a cup of broccoli then was really full. I knew about an hour ago I should eat another meal before it got to late and almost had to force myself to eat. Since it's Friday I'm having a beer and I had a banana which was very yellow.
This is a photo of one of my first dead lifts
I no longer wake up longing for a carb load. Which is how I've woke up for as long as I can remember. It started when I was a kid. My Grandparents always made me honey and peanut butter toast. I've been used to that sugar rush forever and it's taken about five months to get over that. Not long really, but hard for me to get through in my head and body. Here's a little list of things I've changed.
Stay away from:
Processed food
Carbs-white food.
It's a simple list but it will get you on your way. My friend EC said it very simply the other day. "If you fall off the wagon, have a bad day for whatever reason just get back on!" Simple. Don't freak, stressing is not going to help on this quest. She also said, "do it for quality of life".
The Science of Fat loss
Another good read


Jason said...

Jen, even though I haven't met you, you're one of my inspirations for this journey of mine. Why? Because you are real. I don't say that to demean the likes of EvaT, or Nicole, or any of the other Crossfit studs and studettes. For whatever reason, your words and actions connect with me. Anyway, I got off the crack of Mtn Dew November 15th, fell off December 24th and 25th, and have been eating mostly paleo for the month of January with minimal processed stuff and sugar drinks. I have also been WODing for 5 weeks (albeit somewhat modified) and I have a crew of 5 (runners) at work whom I've pulled into the fold; at least partially. And do you know who I have to thank for that? You and Catra Corbett. So this is my official thank you to you. Jason

Jen's Gym and Potomac Crossfit said...

How cool is that! Thanks that means a lot. Really it does. You just made my day!

JimBathurst said...

Woot! First deadlift at Balance Gym!! I can spot that location anywhere!