Sunday, January 04, 2009

My WOD's this past few days have been:

3 Rounds:
Walking OH pony Keg lunges #50's
10 GHD sit-ups
Walking OH pony keg lunges
Double 12# Med ball run full gym
15 squat 15# Med ball toss up and back gym
10 Ball slams.
Forgot to start the watch!!!
Yesterday with Capital Barbell club.
Lite Snatches for form, only up to #65. It's amazing how having a coach give you three cues can change everything about your form and make such a huge difference.
Thank you Bull and Rick!
Cleans for form. I have no idea the weights this was purely for form.
Snatch cues:
Start lower, Pull shoulder blades together and flex my lats, drive through the heels..Drive through the heels!!! Start second pull at Two one thousand..push drive through heels. This keeps my ass down and stops me from "turtleling" in my lower back.

Clean Cues...same as the snatch cues! If I can drive through my heels I should be able to move a lot more weight then I have in the passed. The bar was hitting me in the trough. With Bull putting me in the set up I realize that I've been starting way to high and forward.

Today I'm sore and tired, I feel the muscles in my ass and they're tired. I will lift today, but only as much as my body can handle. I will push today but only as much as I can. I will get under the bar, I will Crossfit, I will press forward and rest another day. Today I'm hungry for growth so I wont put down the fork. I've got to get stronger but I wont sacrifice form. I want to be better but I wont push to far. I'll speak to my body and ask it to give me a little more today. I will feed it well and have it adjusted...just today let me lift I want to feel a weight on my shoulders. I'm going to move it with each part of my body working as a unit...going to move the bar....

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