Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Warm up:
30 Burpees for time= 2:27

My Bear: 1.Hang Clean
1. Front Squat
1. Push Press
1. Back Squat
1. Thruster
One time through is 1 rep. I did 5 sets for time. On my first set of 5 I forgot to start my watch.

My rest was 10 hang cleans with the 45lb bar, 10 split jerks.

Then I repeated the above for time, which was 2 minuets flat. Not very fast because I have to think about my shoulder which hurts and form which can be weak at times.

Someone asked me why my workouts are short. Well that's what got me into this whole deal. Yes, I could and do at times spend more than 40 minuets doing a workout. The point is to get a lot done fitness wise fast. fast without giving up good form and being safe. Because I'm into the coaching end of this fitness/Crossfit deal I do spend more time than I should "playing". Let's remember this is a get fit and stay intrested kind of workout I'm doing. What keeps people doing CF is that they can get really fit in a short amount of time. Epic workouts have there place, but not everyday. I can't go to work at the hospital all beat up for a 12 hour shift. My Am workday workouts are mostly Tabata or something like that. When I have time to spend hours working out I plan them so that I have days to recover or I end up sick.

Monday, October 29, 2007

This past weekend I went to the Oly Seminar at Primal Fitness here in DC. Thanks to Tom and Primal for making that happen by helping me out with the cost.
I learned so much I can barley walk! My calf's are so sore I can't believe it.
Greg Everett from Performance menu was the coach of this seminar. It was great to meet him. He's a very down to earth kinda guy which makes for a great coaching style. Thanks for your help this weekend Greg!

By far the most helpful thing I learned was the difference between a Crossfit Air squat and the Oly squat.
The air squat is back and down while keeping the torso tight and flat or straight. With the feet under the hips with the toes turned out a little.

The Oly squat is keeping the back tight and flat or in good lumbar curve while dropping your butt as close to sitting on your Calif's as possible. You don't want to crash down onto your calf's. You control and stay active in your quads on the way down so that you have power to come back up. By having your heels pointed more in to each other you can open your hips so that your knees go out as you lower down onto your calf's.

My issue...Oh there are so many. The one I can actually work on is becoming more flexible in my Oly squat and open my hips up.

My clean needs work as well. Dip and pull up while getting under the bar without going forward. Also another point that was that in the dip it's straight down not forward.
Oh the list is endless.

Let's remember I'm a Crossfitter. I'm never going to be a great Oly lifter. The reason I do all this is to stay fit and help others get fit. It's a jack of all master of non kinda deal. That being said I do want to be as good as I can in as many areas of crossfit as possible. It's quite a challenge with crossfit staying on top of so many skills. Which as I have stated before is part of the attraction to CF. You sure as hell should not get bored. There's always something to work on! If you think you're good at all of it..your wrong!

It was a great weekend hanging out with the crew. Watching Fred and Steve kill themselves during a lunch workout, going out to lunch with a bunch of area CF'ers. Meeting Judd from Crossfit Rockville was really cool. I wish him luck in his new CF gym. I can't wait to go over and get my ass kicked!

Friday, October 19, 2007


Over the last week I've slacked off on my hydration. Water is not my favorite thing to drink. Sometimes I just forget. Even with yesterdays workout being half ass I felt it more today because I've not be hydrating in general. It's not just because I did not drink enough during or after the workout. It's the 3 or 4 days before that caused me to be more sore and fatigued more than normal.
I really fucked up yesterdays workout!
Maybe I was sleepy or just foggy. I went into Crossfit Old Town Challenge. Jerry said he was going to do "Nasty Girls" which is

50 squats
7 Muscle ups
10 hang power cleans 135lbs for Men and 85lbs for women

To scale this for me it should have been

50 squats
14 jump to supports on the rings
10 hang power cleans with 85lbs

This is what I did

50 squats
7 jump to support on rings
10 hang power cleans with 75lbs

Well, what can you do.
My time was 6:30 not that it counts for anything.
I will be hitting this again soon.

I was pleased with...
Being in a class and coaching while learning.
Doing a Turkish Get up with a 45lb bar!
Doing a barbell hang clean of 65lbs with one arm and then jerking it up once.
Now that's fun!

Friday, October 12, 2007

I was off today and had a list a mile long of things that needed to be done.

I was on point in the morning....but got side tracked and ended up at Primal.

Sophie and I put the tire in the back of the car and headed to the post office.
Then we went to the Bank.
On the way home we stopped at the field by my house for a little workout.
30 seconds pulling the tire 10 seconds rest. Not running because I've had a cold so I was just walking fast.
We did 8 sets and Sophie did great!
Got home and did some things around the house.
Ran/walked to the metro and headed down to the New Primal fitness building.
Wow! What a space! It's huge and has huge possibilities.

Since my plan had been to stay at home and get some things done and workout more, I put in a short and sweet sprint of a workout at Primal. Three laps with two 45# DB's. Up and back for time.
So I did get some workout in today nothing killer just enough.
I have hopes of getting a crew together for a workout outside tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A while back I did an on-line power lifting meet. At Virtual Meet.com. I did horrible! So in this vid you wont see much of me. It was not that I was not lifting really bad, it was that I did not follow the rules for most of it. My only lift that counted was my 195# Deadlift, which is a long way from my max. I did get my max that day of 235# but at the top of the lift I drooped the bar. At the time I thought that was my exclamation point, not knowing that you have to lower the bar for the lift to count. DUMB ME! Anyhow it was fun. My friend Emmie did well also, she's the tall skinny chick....who is strong as hell! Over all power lifting is fun. I'm glad I do Crossfit. If you know Crossfit you know that the theorie is Jack of all fitness master of as many areas as possible. Which makes it so fun. Just when you "master" one thing you start to suck at another! Crossfit Makes you Fit...that's the goal.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Fight Gone Bad Video.

No workout today since I had to get my Rabies shot.
Yup, today was number five of my rabies shots. It sucks alright and hurts too. Last week I got bit by a dog of some street kids in Adams Morgan. It was a strange situation one that I tell better in person. It hurt and the shots hurt as well, not to mention they make me sick. Just a general blah feeling with a headache.

So if you know me and I'm a bitch to you....watch out I bite!

At Crossfit DC I ran my first Elements class. If your in the area and want to get a feel for Crossfit please come in on Oct 21 at 9am. We will cover some of the basics of Crossfit. You'll still get a kick ass workout with an emphasise on form.

As Crossfit Grows in the DC area specifically Crossfit DC we really want to make sure that,
A. No one gets lost in the Crowd

B. That form is always a priority

This in not a class just for folks who are new to exercise. It's a class for the In and out of shape people. A time to make sure your moving as well as you can before your jump into a big class.
Let the ego go and come get an Elements class under your belt.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Fight Gone bad went really well for Crossfit DC. It also looks and sounds like it went well at Crossfit Challenge.

My personal score is not so great, 211. Not to make excuses....but..
I used the 24' box for box jumps because I like to jump. I jumped every rep no step ups. So there!
It's amazing what mental hesitation can do to you. With my shoulder I've had weeks that are so horrible because of the pain. This caused me to "play it safe" in my speed and out put. I'll be honest it was a hard ass workout and I have been working out at 70% since Feb. This is the first time since then that I have gone up to 80% or 85%. In saying that it was not all wisdom and restraint, it was lack of ability to put out any more do to lack of metabolic capacity.

In the end I raises $700 for the fundraiser and our team raised about $7000!

Over the last week I've been busy. Too busy! Doctors appointments and running around before and after work.

I've decided to get my shoulder scoped. After my visit with doctor Branch it looks like its time. The bottom line is that it's not getting better. My shoulder is loose, a grade 3. Zero being the tightest 4 being the most loose. At this point I'm not sure when, I have to fill out my family Med leave and do all that kinda stuff.

I will be out of work for a few months as it looks right now. My fitness goals are being re-arranged in my head. Once the initial pain is controlled I will have to keep in shape without using my Left arm. I need to get a belt to pull things with! The one armed KB swings will be a good movement for me as well. My head is swimming with plans. Tabata squats will be my staple!