Friday, December 01, 2006

Louie stepped on my head today! Damn dog! Sophie hates to run as much as I do so we went for a walk and then Louie and I went to Rock Creek to run in the woods. Only a mile or so. It was more to work on his need to run and learn to run with me than anything. I lacked the mental fortitude to do a hell bent workout today. So here it is.
Jump rope
50 swings
20 snatches each arm
In the house
5 sets of max ring pushups, 10,6,6,5,4
Today I got 3 really nice kips!

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leslie said...

I'm jealous of the kips, or any other kind of gymnastics-like move. I'd LOVE to be able to do a muscle-up, but multiple shoulder dislocations may make that a move I just watch my kids do (they're both competitive gymnasts) and dream about for myself.

Keep up the great work!