Saturday, December 23, 2006

Will the real Tom please step forward!??!?

Being Thankful this Holiday season. What or who am I thankful for?
Let me tell you about a quality man.
Tom Brose I've known Tom for a little less than a year. I don't know Tom very well yet. Once a week he leads our CF workouts. When I started CF I needed to meet a person like Tom. Why? Well, I've been in sports for a long time on and off. Someplace along the line I formed a judgment. That people who workout all the time are meat heads. Yes, I know that's unfair. It's really how I felt though. When I was at WVU I spent countless hours at the exercise physiology lab. Putting my body though every test they had. On a volunteer bases! At the time I was an Social work/English student. My sport was Mountain biking(stoned)at the time. I had no money(some things never change). The person I was dating was a Prof at WVU teaching Kinesoligy. She got me in so I could workout for free by doing tests for the students. I was doing 3 Vo2 max test a week. LOL! Anyhow, the people I met there were very one dimensional. So that's the long story of how I got my bad attitude.
Back to Tom. As I said I don't know him well. What I know of him is that he is one smart cookie. Tom has the gift of reading people and learning them. With that he's able to press them on and encourage then. As a big guy his spirit is gentle but tough. There was a time when I thought that trainers were not doing important work. That they were working in the glamour industry. Nope, wrong again. They're working in the prevention industry. Tom knows his stuff and more. I like that! This one is for you Tom. Thanks for doing what you do and being who you are! Happy Holidays! Let's all have a toast to Tom, another reason to have a beer!


Moondog Mai said...

I agree! I'd join in on the toasting but have nothing to toast with! =P

Oh, and I hope you had a merry Christmas!

Tom Brose said...

Wow I am flattered. What a great holiday present. Actually, I think we have some things in common. I hated the high school jock types, and that actually pushed me a way from working out. It took a while for me to realize that I could make fitness my own, and not fit into any other mold. So, I always appreciate working with people who love training, but haven't always felt 'included' in it.

Tom Brose said...

Somehow I cut my self off. Where was I... Oh, i am also going to get an official CF cert outline/description from Nicole for you. lets get you to a cert this year.

See you Sunday?