Thursday, December 07, 2006

Some of my personal fitness goals have been met this past year.
1. Lost and kept off 20#
2. decreased my heart rate while riding.
3. Rode 100 miles in under 8 hours.
4. My eating habits have become much better.
5. Hit 6 deadhang pullups
6. Deadlifted 205.
7. Handstand against wall for 36 seconds.
8. Increased my pushups by 10
9. Have developed a creative way to workout and shared it with others.
10. L-sit 30 seconds
11. Have gotten 3 solid kips
New goals:
1. Deadlift double body weight, which would be around 270#
2. 21 thrusters at 1/2 body weight. So I guess two 35# DB's
3. I would like to loss 5 more lbs.
4. 20 good deep dips
5. 10 good strong form kips.
6. Get Crossfit certified. It's a cash issue.
7. Sotts press without feeling like my back is going to explode.
8. MUSCLE UP! I had to lay off for a while my elbows were giving me issues.
9. Olympic lifts
10 . Continue to train people in group setting.


leslie said...

Your accomplishments are fantastic. Hope you're feeling great about the year and what you've managed to do!

Looking forward to seeing what you can do in 2007...

Jen said...

Thanks Leslie! Yes, it does feel good. I'm happest with the fact that others are motivated by me. That's the best feeling in the world.

Tom Brose said...

Right on! I am a big fan. Hope I can help you to reach some of those goals. Maybe add clean and jerk bodyweight?

Jonathan Gilson said...


Nice work! I'm glad you didn't really decease your heart, though!

Keep kicking ass, sister.



Jen said...

Jon, lol! That was kinda funny! LOL

Shari Baby said...

You are amazing girl!!! Way to keep those goals and reach them! I have no doubt you will reach the new ones you have set for yourself this year. 6 deadhang pullups rule! I remember when I hit 5 I was thrilled!! Kipping pullups will come once you get the rhythm down it's easy. My max is 28 and I am reaching for that 30 mark. I should make some goals for myself also. You have inspired me - with goals and knowing what we want to accomplish we can reach for it. Good luck to you - get that cert going girl!! I got my level 1 and going for level 2 next month - now I just need some ya girl! Keep being motivating to me....

Vu said...

good for you jen! a century in less than 8 hrs? Awesome. I'm still not riding...grrr making me grumpy.