Thursday, December 21, 2006

This weeks workout with the DC ladies.

Warm up
Toss the 12# med ball around as a group
100 Air squats
50 KB swings
10 High steps to burpees
Max pushups 3 rounds one person on the balance disks. Rotate so that everyone does one set on the balance disks.

Farmers carry. A DB or KB in each hand walk up the first ramp and back. The KB and DBs were between 20# and 25lbs. As many trips as you can in 5 minutes.

Next was the Deadlift/lunge
Two people doing 30 DL's
One person doing 20/20 waiter lunges

It was a good hard workout. Thanks for the gift Eva and Susan! I can't wait to see were you're at in your fitness goals next year.

My personal workouts I had to put off. I seem to have some bug, yuck.

The picture above is from CFDC. No class next Sunday.
One last thing. My DC ladies...Make sure you Tabata this Holiday! Tabata this Tabata that...Morning or evening..Just Tabata!

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