Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Being a women, Being gay, Being real.

It's a topic that I've been thinking about for a while. One that I'm not sure my writing will do justice to. So I'll keep it simple and to the point.
Being a women is something that I enjoy. Women are complex and our chemical makeup is hard to keep track of. What is feminine? My thought is that it's a wide spectrum that holds so many different variations one can't just sum it up. I can tell you I enjoy being feminine, wherever I fall in the spectrum.
Ideas that I hate. Women can't be strong, rugged, sporty, earthy and still feminine. Why the heck not? Who came up with that line of thought?
Yes, I'm a gay women. But first I'm just a person like you. Let me say that for me I'm not a man hater. If I were in love with a man I would be with a man. That is not the case in my life. I'm in love with a women, so that is who I'm with. I have a true appreciation for both men and women.
I'm very out and very open. I try to keep things humorous so as to help people talk about it. Most of the people that know me know that it's very hard to offend me. On that note I will add that people say some really stupid shit!!
One that I love to hate is the, "who's the man in your relationship?" Well, dumb ass there's not a man in our relationship, because I'm with a women! LOL
Or, "what roll do you play?" OMG, can we get passed the 70's! Then come the really personal ones that get under my skin a little. "Jen in a dress? Or, "you wear makeup?" Jesus Christ! Don't put me in your pigeonholes. Please, I'm a diverse women who enjoys feeling strong and earthy and sexy. Not to mention I just enjoy being feminine.

Where I feel the gay population has gone wrong. It's simple really. They continue the segregation. Gay bars, gay parts of cities, gay this gay that. Just live and be with people you like and that care about you. I have friends who are republicans, I have friends who like dogs and hate cats. I have friends with style and without. Who the heck cares. I mean there're people I don't like for sure. Let's just stop with the this is your store this is my store deal. If you don't like me fine. That does not mean you should not like everyone that dresses like me. Grow the F up! Whew, I'm I a roll!


CrossFit King said...

whats up Jenn? stoked on your killer blog. I'll be sure to keep dropping by.

Jerry Hill said...

You rock!

Love it when you shoot straight from the hip.

Force of Hobbit said...

We ARE strong, rugged, sporty, and sexy. We come in all shapes and sizes. We are women. We can do everything and anything and are invincible. We are resilient, and can endure what men cannot. Science proves it, the world knows it. We are unstoppable.

GO JEN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn good post Jen!!

Tom Brose said...

Thank god noe of my lines made it into that list- oh, joking of course. Is'n blogging healthy? More people need to read your stuff. if i can ever make the lonks work on mine, look out!