Sunday, December 17, 2006

Crossfit Field day, organized chaos!

Crossfit took it to the park today.
First Carry KBs,two tires and 4 sandbag (ranging in weight from 50# to 100#) Two sledgehammers and a med ball down a hill to a park.

KB bear crawl 2 times with a partner. You go one length then your team mate returns.
while your doing that the rest of the group does...
sledgehammer strikes
sandbag carry up a hill(I used the 50# bag)
Tire pull with 100# sandbag in it.
People switch out only when others have finished the KB bear crawl.

Then we had a Parkour demo by Mark. Which was very cool.

Tom put it down on us one more time with

Person 1. Backwards bear crawl up hill, lunge down
Person 2. 10 KB swings 5 burpees continue until person 1 is back from the hill.
No photos of today but we did get video. Tom's going to edit it and put it on Youtube. Right Tom??
Then I went back to the gas station to return the tires I got this Am for Cf and went home to run with the dogs. Now it's beer time!
Great day CF peeps! Reggie and Crazy boy thanks for being my team mates, you both rock!
This week I was thinking of doing a challenge. It would be to see how many Pushups I can get in a week. So I would just keep a running total. Let me see what my body has to say about that in the morning.

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