Sunday, December 10, 2006

Crossfit DC was Rocking today!
We had a good group of people and we all hit it hard! It's always exciting to workout with other people and push each other to go a little harder than we would when your on your own. One thing I've learned about Tom is that his excitement is contagious! He believes in the people he trains and that is a very encouraging vibe to get!
I felt good and strong. Back in the swing of things. In the morning I met with the DC crew to hit the parking grage. Then I'm off to Primal to introduce them to a friend of mine that might be of help in there getting the word out. I would really like both Primal and DC Crossfit to work with and for eachother. If we can get the groups leaders together and do some joint promo stuff it would be cool. So that when we talk to people we can send them to the Crossfit nearest to them. Get the city covered. We will cover more ground as a team then as separates. I know Tom is down with it so it's just a matter of getting a jam session going with Primal. I can't wait!


Moondog Mai said...

*squeals* Looks like I missed out on some good stuff yesterday!!!! I can't wait until my knees are better!!

Also looks like the goblet squats are kinda trendy! Do they feel any different from normal squats as far as the lower body is concerned?

Tom Brose said...

In my humble opinion- Squats are squats. The goblet is a good taching tool, and is easier to maintain form when tired for folks not comfortable in the front squat. Also easier to get people going deep- elbows touch inside knees. Its not a better squat, but can be a better option in a workout like that (especially using 1 DB)