Friday, December 22, 2006

Play time
Today I've been playing with the KB's
First 21 thrusters with 12gk KB's
Then I did some things around the house.
Came back to the KB's and did 21 thrusters with 16kg KB L/R. I missed the last one on the left.
watched a little TV
Then did 10 snatches L/R with the 16kg KB.
Did some dishes.
3 each side windmills with the 16kg KB overhead.
It's still a hard weight for me to handle but it's coming. I really want that 1/2 body weight 21 thruster deal.
Also, on the GTG pullups so far I'm at 20 so far today. I've been able to move up to 4 at a time with that. I've been sick the last few days so I'm not feeling as strong as normal.
Ok, I'll get back to you with my workout later.

I just got done with my workout. It was a doggy workout. Louie needed to run even with it raining he needed to get out. Sophie on the other hand was just fine sleeping.
We ran about 1/4 mile to a school yard, across the soccer field and down a big hill. Then back up the hill to the soccer goal post, there I did 4 pullups. Then across the soccer field at doggy pace to the monkey bars. Tied louie up and got 4 more pullups, 10 dips and a few swings on the bars and another 4 pullups. Then we went over to the cement parking barriers (I think they are about 3 or so feet high)I side jumped them 10 times. After that we went around the school and Louie did some parkour were he jumps up and down on the cement barriers. We got back to the park near my house were I did 15 picnic table presses and ran home.

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