Monday, December 11, 2006

My DC ladies rock!
Today we did a little Tabata.
Tabata Squats and Tabata situps.

Meat and potatoes 3 rounds no rest.
5 Burpees
15 Goblet Squats
10 Thrusters

Here are the potatoes
20 Reverse lunges with Db overhead
10/10 DB swings
30 boxer jumping jacks.(Boxer J. Jacks are body nice and tight and activate that ass!) Look at Ross fitness watch him do J jacks.
I'm telling you these ladies are tough. I have really seen improvements in both of them. Susan was not able to do a burpee now she's doing them every workout. Eva is doing great DB and kettlebell swings. The best part is that they both keep coming back for more. I hope they're feeling stronger because they sure do look stronger.

I had a light workout for myself.
21 Thrusters with two 20# DBs
21 sandbag squats with 40# sandbag
15 ring dips

15 Thrusters with two 20# DBs
15 sandbag squats with 40# sandbag
10 ring dips

10 Thrusters with two 20# DBs
10 sandbag squats with 40# sandbag
5 ring dips

I've stayed away from Dips for about a month and man can I tell. I got so weak in that area so fast. It sucks! It's a blanching act with knowing when to do them and when not to. I had a lot of pain in my elbows a while back. So I'm going to dance that fine line.

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