Sunday, December 17, 2006

Proud to Lift Like a Girl: '06 American Open Highlights

If only more people could see this. Womens sports are so under viewed. How amazing are these WOMEN?!!?


Jonathan Gilson said...

Great video. Thanks for sharing, Jen!

That should be on loop in every cardio theatre television in America.

Maybe I'll start a non-profit to get it going...

Yeah women moving big weight!!!!



John Frazer said...

Very cool, I actually recognized Ingrid Marcum--my wife and I met her a few years ago at an event in Lake Placid, where she was training for the Olympic bobsled team. She was a very nice person, I'm glad to see she's doing well in weightlifting!

CrossFit Cape Fear & Designs In Fitness said...

AMAZING video.... I'll have to link that cause it's a great teaching tool.

F2 said...

Glad to see you found the video - good stuff, huh?