Monday, December 29, 2008

Since I've been training at PCF ( I've come up with a few new motivational sayings and a few other funny outbursts. Some have been inspired by trainees and I've adapted them to my arsenal.

Grabbing Santa's Sack....365 days a year!
I've got 99 problems but my squat ain't one of them, well maybe I have a little butt wink;)
Women need to lift heavy shit!
Get violent on that bar!
Push that mother fucker overhead...
Burning rubber Bro you're burning rubber!
Now this workouts getting really fun!
Make your body do what you want it to do!
That's one effing beautiful pull up!
Talk to your ass and make it listen!
You know you want this to be over, go again!
Just because your trainers nose is bleeding does not mean you stop!
Your form sucked, do it over!
If that counted I'm Eva T!
It's 5:30am, whats the issue? Warm up and get on that WOD
I'm the trainer you warm up how I want you to!
Brother/Sister your killing this WOD, so stop acting like your dying!
Skip like a man, and sing!
I'm so proud of you, now go wash the blood off your hands.
Make this WOD your own, Own it don't let it own you.
I love you guys, work harder.
Your wife just kicked your ass.
Keep the Kettlebell close to your balls.
"Jen, I can't get it up"...well dude I so can't help you with that!
"Jen, I hear your voice in my head when I'm out of town and it's kinda spooky"


Donna said...

nice jen, love it! how about 'don't be a pussy, put some weight on that bar' or 'if you weren't 10 minutes late you'd know the warm up!'

Melissa Byers said...

And the ever popular, ALWAYS appropriate... "Squats and milk, bitches".

Ray said...

That's strange... I only hear your voice in my head when I'm about to do something HORRIBLY IRRESPONSIBLE. Jen's the BAD angel. And I only have ONE angel. Muhahahaha!