Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today was a field day again. Since I'm trying to stay away from pushups and pullups for a few more days.
Med ball toss overhead down soccer field
side toss back soccer field
soccer toss down field
overhead back

Tire pull 1/2 soccer field X 4 on fourth pull 10 thrusters
41 pound rope pull X 4 on fourth pull 10 thrusters
Two more tire pulls with 30lbs in tire for me and 24lbs for Diane.

Back at house.
Rock squats 10
sledge hammer hits 20

Rings 4 skin the cats for ROM in shoulders

Joanna's workout
Jump Rope warm up for 3 mins
Walking Jump rope around courts.
Med ball toss around the courts(side, overhead, and soccer toss)
No rest
Resistance band run around the courts

Thrusters 15lbs 20 seconds work 10 SEC's rest 4 sets.
Ball slams with 15lb med ball
ABD work
knee to chin 20
V-ups 20
Side ups 10 each side

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telepbrman said...

Med Ball Toss: Yep, that is my style. I have a large yard, so I'll give it a try, I'll keep you posted...dy.