Friday, August 18, 2006

Got back on the bike today. Rode about 25 miles which is not enough since my century is right around the bend and I'm not ready. I think with learning all the new stuff from Underground strength Coach and CF I lost a bit of time in the saddle. So I ride again in the morning. This afternoon Di and I did a short but heavy sandbag and ring workout.
Sandbag Thrusters 5
Sandbag lunges 5
X 5
Jumping chins 5
15lb ball slams 5
X 5
PVC pipe overhead work. Shoulders and form. Trying to teach how to activate the lats and pull down the shoulder blades. It's a hard thing to teach.
Sandbag approach work. Start your lift as you walk up to the bag. Approach the bag and prepare your body for proper lifting. It's a state of mind. You walk up envisioning your self being ergonomic correct. Turn on the mind be aware of the body. Where you are in space.

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Ken Black said...

Nice workout Jen. Louie looks like a cool dog. You will see my "coach" Emi in some of the pics on my blog.
How have you been teaching Lat pulling?
Have a great weekend.