Friday, August 11, 2006

Jo, two short workouts for your week off!

Dynamic warm up:
Blurpees 10
Run down the street to third mailbox
Mt Climbers 20
J Jacks 20

Pushups 20
Sky to Ground squats 20..One hand overhead change hands at 10
Squats 20 hold at the bottom of each for 5 secs

Short rest
Repeat do 15 next set and 10 for your last set.

Workout two:
Side shuffle down to mailbox and back
20 broad jumps
20 tuck jumps
run to mailbox and back

Short rest
Take your time but not crazy amounts of time. You will need to stop...but not for long!
(Big numbers)
Pushups 30
J. Jacks 40
Squats 50
blurpees 15

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