Sunday, August 20, 2006

CFDC today. It was a good class for me since I got to work on some DL form. It was a small class being summer and all. We warmed up on the Ergo and tread mills. Then Tom had us doing 30 Ring push ups, 30 knee to chest, DL's, and back extentions...30, 20 10. At some point we were moving to slow so he dropped the numbers to up the pace. It was a good workout and I'm sure I will feel it in the morning. I really enjoy the rowing. My legs were killing me from riding the last few days. We did a 500 meter sprint my time was like 2:14 or something. If I had the space I would have one in the house for winter workouts. But I have rollers and that should do just fine.
I feel bad because I always forget peoples names at CFDC. So I can't put names on the pictures that I have. Sorry!

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