Friday, August 25, 2006

Just got done riding 35 or so miles. Nesto has been keep my pace up..Kicking my ass! In the past I fight a lot of leg fatigue so my miles are less with more frequent rides. It felt really good today. Working on my feet all day for 12 hours running like a fucking nut around the ER never gives me much recovery. Now it's rest time. I hope I feel strong for the Lance Armstrong ride. If anyone reading this would like to make a donation you can go to my link and do it on line.
Just go to the LiveStrong site then to the Philly ride and put my name in Jennifer Conlin.


Catherine Imes said...

Jen, didn't want to highjack this. I saw your post on Crossfit regarding "weight". I didn't really want to respond there just because of senstivity.

Here is a stat for you FWIW.

Kelly Moore is 5' 118#. She won't mind me telling you this. She's a very good friend of mine. She is vascular and I would put her 6 pack/8 pack in Eva's league.

She is extremely strong. She's done a weighted pullup with 70+lbs, and she's done 14 consecutive muscle ups, triple BW Deadlift.

Kelly started off as a bodybuilder/powerlifter and she has gained muscle on Crossfit (I've seen older posts in her log where she weighed 110)

Hypothetically at your height, if you were packing her muscle, you could weigh as much as 150 given your height. I've seen your pics, and you are lean..So, I'm sure you could add some to your frame over time.

I won't give you my stats..they are an embarrassment right now :)

Hope this helps a little.

Like your pics and your training. Keep it up.

Jen said...

Catherine, I hope you come back and read this. Thanks for getting back to me. I've seen Kelly Moore, she is strong. Thank you for understanding my question. I'm sure that I will put on some LBS on. I do want to keep some leaness for my cycling as it helps to not be too heavy. I'm working out in a way as to get lean and strong. I've just not been around such fit women and started to think man there size and weights must be very different than your average jane..know what I mean?

Catherine Imes said...

Keep doing what you are doing and you'll reach your goals.

Kelly is very strict with her diet. She doesn't do Zone. She has adopted a higher fat/mod protein-low carb regimen and it seems to be working for her. I've done something similar and I'm down 30 lbs so far this year.

I hope to have my site up soon with a blog...Right now, i post my workouts in the training logs Dragondoor's forum under stlcate. If you've got questions on KBs or things like that, fire away. I check the USC several times a day.