Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I have something to say about fitness
It should be fun!
It should be creative!
It should be part of life..Your life!
It should be done everyday!
It should be for everyone!
Yeah, that's right you! You eat everyday, you sleep everyday. You walk and talk everyday. Then move everyday, with purpose and drive. Drive to live, breathe and feel. Feel something other than your ass sitting at your desk or in front of your TV/computer. Stand up from those things and do a few squats or pushups, Jumping jacks. Feel your body move. Go out in the cold or the heat and feel your body. It's yours, use the damn thing!

Today I met with Becky and Susan to lead there workout.
50 J. jack, 20 squats(warm up)

20 squats at start of run
Run across Connecticut Ave bridge
20 squats
Run back
20 squats
First person back does Mt climbers until last person is done.

Rope pull with 36#'s on it
Four pulls of 50 feet
while person two does slamball
4 rounds

It was good and cold, but it warmed up fast!
I did a lot of running during this workout. As I was trying to push Becky and Susan. Which meant running back and forth on the bridge!

My personal workout.
Trail run with Louie. Louie has lots of energy and gets into trouble. So any free time I have goes to him. We were on the trail in Rock Creek for a bit. But we kept running into people with their dogs off leash and it was pissing me off. Keep your goddamn dogs on a leash. I don't care if they're friendly its a law for a reason! So anyhow, we headed for the woods, climbing over trees and up and down gorges. It was fun! I'm a very slow runner. Being in the woods make running a bit more fun. It gives me lots of Nero input which is very good. Jumping, slipping and getting stuck on twigs!


leslie said...

Becky and Susan are lucky to have you, and you're lucky to have them. Your attitude is commendable. Keep up the great work!

Jen said...

Thank you! I needed that!

Shari Baby said...

Oh my god I frickin love you!!! I love your comments, your drive your honesty "it's your body move the damn thing!!" I love your view on stupid people that don't put their dogs on leashes too!! I hate that!
You're awesome!!!