Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pro Cycling is so dirty I just can't take it anymore
Pro Cycling is my football or Baseball. I've been following it for years. I watch like a kid watches cartoons. As they crank up the mountains. It's exciting just thinking of next years tours. Yes, there is more than one, Tour of Spain, Italy so on and so on.
This year Basso, Jan and about 100 others got kicked out before the race even started. Then as Floyd cranked over the miles, had a bad day and came back I was hooked again. He's no Lance that's for sure! Yet, still it was good. Then the come down. Again I have to go defend cycling to non-cycling people who say I heard your man was doping in the tour. People saying this shit to me who still wear there helmets backwards and have kickstands on there bikes. I just can't take it. To make it worse a few of my cycling friends say some dumb ass shit like " even if he took something he's still a really good rider." What the fuck! I have no respect for anybody who takes anything to make them better. I still love watching cycling. I Just can't help it. Let me state for the record, Pro-cycling is dirty! Watch the guys in the back of the pack, watch the guys who are hurting and trying to get the crank around one more time. Oh you know what, fuck it. They're using too. Just go to your local bike race and hope for the best. Hope that the amateurs who work full-time and spend all there extra cash on bike stuff, hope they're clean! Or just come watch me as I pant to maintain a 16mph pace for 20 miles.
My Pro Cycling heart is broken! My hero's are sticking needles in there asses or pumping red blood cells into there veins. My Pro cycling heart is broken.

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