Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Single speed Joy ride!

Pulled out the IRO single speed today. I've not done a lot of riding over the last few months. Time and events have kept me off the bike. Also, I got a little burnt out after the Lance ride.

Jogged with dogs 1/4 mile
changed shoes and got my helmet
Road 5 miles to a park
10 knee to chest
10 deadhang pullups
10 deep dips
10 picnic table presses
Road home 5 miles lots of hills on a single speed!
Ran with dogs 1/2 mile

Back yard work
with post hole digger
20 jerks
15 back squats
20 push presses
max hold handstand 30 sec
Two sets of 10 push presses with two 20# DB's

Now you say that's not much riding. Well on a single speed for me it is. It felt so good natural. No gears, no bike computer no heart rate monitor. It was sweet!
All summer I had no close calls on the bike. Today was close! Going around a turn my wheels stated to slide. I was so close to the ground I touched it. Somehow pulled it out of the slide and made my turn. Whew! I'm not fast, I'm not a climber but I've always been able to handle a bike very well. It's so natural to move with the bike.
As for running, I hate it. Really the only reason I run is for the dogs. A few years ago I ran the Army ten miler. I'm glad to say I did it. The pain of running is not a pain that makes me feel strong, just weak and heavy.

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