Sunday, November 19, 2006

CF today
Going into it I was sore. It's been a long week and my recovery is slow.
Tom started us with PVC pipe Oly lifts or warm ups. This wakes your body up and works on form. It seems my hamstring are tight!
Then the workout
1 KB swing
15 Thrusters
Go down by one and up by 1. So that at the end your doing 15 swings and 1 thruster.
I lost count a few times and did a few to many thrusters. It's a lot of work for sure!
The Washington post photographer was there today taking pictures. It was a bad hair day for me but oh well!
I had a new PR on the Deadlift, 205! Whew!


Force of Hobbit said...

205? Deadlift? Flippin Awesome!!!!

Juma said...

I saw hooray for kettle bell swings. I don't think I knew what I was doing. I admit I have to train my brain to break away from the conventional weight lifting but I LOVED it. Have a good holiday!