Monday, November 06, 2006

Today I was not feeling so well. Moving proved to take a lot of mental work. As the day wasted away I finally got ready to workout. My plan was to keep it simple and easy. Almost too easy.

At four different places in the yard I placed a work station. KB in far end, pushup rings under the tree, 45# rock next to the tree and the post digger at the other end.

Five rounds of 5 on 4 different excises

5. Ring pushups

5.45# rock side twists

5. post digger swings each arm

5. KB cleans each arm

Run between stations

End on 5 burpees

8:30 min

Yes, it was easy. It worked its magic on me because now I feel Like doing it again and I will. I will change the tasks and do the same short workout.

Part two- five rounds of 5 reps of 4 tasks

5. ring pshups

5. 45# sandbag thrusters

5. snatches each arm

5. wall ball with15# ball

9 min

I feel like a new person. I'm sweaty and stinky. More importantly I feel better and free of feeling low. I'm looking forward to getting away for a few days. Before I leave I get to go to CFDC and have someone else motivate me.!

Talked to Jerry Hill today. He is moving down this way for his wifes job. I'm sure he will be missed so much by his camp people. It's going to be a huge change coming from Phill to this area. My thoughts are with him and his family as they go through this change. I can say one thing for sure. I will enjoy having him in the area! Looking forward to workouts and seeing you start a camp down here!

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