Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday at Crossfit DC
20 KB deadlifts
10 swings
10 pushups
Bear crawl half court
10 jumps over hurtle
Lunges rest of the court
Spring back
Do this as many times as you can in twenty mins
I got 7 or 8 rounds done, I lost track at the end. So we can just call it 7.
It was killer for sure. Lots of new people who I hope continue to come. Having a good medium size group makes it really fun! Tom ended class on an instructional note. Having people work on swings with the KB's. Someone asked me what kind of equipment I have at home. She added on that she only had a small apartment and not a lot of room. Well, lets start with the fact that you need nothing but yourself. Bodyweight work can kick your ass and get you into shape. Pushups, squats, situps, bear-crawls, J. jacks, lunges and so on. Set it up like a CF workout and your ready to roll. Really if your consistent in your workouts and watch what you put in your mouth you should see your body change.

This passed week at work a 37 year old women died. I'd been watching her fight cancer for maybe a year. I was not there when she passed. But over the year I had been there for many of her visits that always ended with her going into the hospital for weeks. When I came in last week and was told that there is a body in room 11, I asked how old the person was. My co-worer said 37. I knew right away that it was her. Her fight is over, her pain is done. I feel sad for her family and sad for her. All she wanted was to live and be with her family. We have today and are not guaranteed tomorrow. So live it up and don't lose sight of that fact that others have that freedom taken from them. Enjoy your life and family. Get outside yourself and your problems. Do the things you enjoy even if they seem dumb to the rest of the world.

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