Monday, November 26, 2007

Thought of the day...week...year!

Technique, Form and Flexibility should be on the top of the list of goals for all Crossfitters.

I would rather see people in our classes drop the weight for any given workout until they get more of a mastery of the technique and form.

I've witnessed some good ass kicking with ugly's not worth it. It also does not prove much if your get your "Fran" done in sub 6 mins if your thrusters are more of a forward slid then a squat thrust. So drop the LBS off the bar and let your Fran go to 8 or heaven forbid 10mins and get it done right with nice full depth squats too thrust.

Do you get my point?

Coach Glassmen is a big pusher of form and technique, so non of the blame goes on him. I think in the excitement of competition the main goal gets lost. With so many affiliates coming on board so fast there is a lost of quality control.

Too all the Crossfit Affiliates out there or CF coaches who push form....thank you.
If your a back yard CF'er like myself make sure your work form before Pride.

If your coaching CF tell your people in class to stop and drop the LBS if there form is for shit. In the long run it's worth it. I understand that people want to get there asses kicked and that you can't make them listen to you. I've seen and experienced that.

My experience with more guys then girls(it does happen with included) is that they can baulk at you when you tell them you would rather them do there pushups from there knees because they are only dipping their head down and just not getting that full range of motion. Or that they should use a lighter bar because there push press just fell apart on the second round of whatever.

Really in the long run it's worth the little lost of pride.

Elements Class at Crossfit DC
Over the last few months I've been running an Elements class at 9am on Sundays. It's been going well. I have a few newbies who come and one long time CF'er who comes with his wife who has just started.
I'm at a lost for how to express the need to work on the basics to some of our long time CF'ers. I don't expect them to to come for six weeks or even 4 weeks. Maybe 2 or 3 classes.
In this class that Tom has been so supportive of. We always work on the air squat it's one of the most foundational movements of Crossfit. For me I always have to work on my forward lean and my butt wink.
We at Crossfit use the squat in our thrusters, wall ball, sumo-deadlift high pull and goblet squats, slamnball...I'm sure I've forgotten a few.

If I work the air squat it starts the movements of most of the above.
Then we work the basics of the Deadlift and Push press and other of the bigger lifts. The main focus it to get people familiar with our basic movements. This way when they jump into the 10am class they know what a box jump is and don't need it explained to them at that time. In the Elements class we do a circuit like mini Cindy or a scaled Fran. If some one is advanced in the weight they can move I'll add the Lbs on to make things more of a challenge for them.

As Tom always says...Everone needs to work on the basics. I agree we all do!


Adrienne said...

Here's to that sister! I totally agree.. without strong technique everyone will eventually hit a wall. Lifters will find they won't be able to lift heavier because they do not have a strong technical base. You really see the importance in exercises like the front squat. If you can't keep your chest up, you'll never be able to front squat 100, 150lbs (as a female lifter.. I figured those are solid/realistic goals).

Jason Struck , RKC said...

if technique is not consistent, what are you measuring?

what does Fran time mean if you are doing a different movement than I am?

Coach said it best: functional movement is irreducible and inherently safe: if you arch your back, you're not deadlifting!