Monday, November 05, 2007

Have you heard of Catalyst athletics? If not you should take a look at there site. They have great information on Oly lifting. I highly recommend there journal. It's worth the money for sure, You get one free issues to check out. That's a must do! If you have questions about Oly lifting or Crossfit the Performance form is very helpful. The guy who runs the site Greg Everett is really cool, he just taught the Oly seminar that I went to a last weekend.
"The Olympic lifts and their derivatives are the most effective training tools known for improving hip and leg power, arguably the most important athletic characteristic in nearly all ground-based sports. Unfortunately, while the need for the lifts’ incorporation into athletic training is great, qualified instruction is extremely limited."

They also offer....
"We offer hourly training consultation and ongoing remote training through email, phone and video for Olympic weightlifting, strength & conditioning, and CrossFit training."

Even though I workout for the most part in my backyard or at parks I've found it priceless to have a stronger knowledge of the Olympic lifts. Don't think I'm going all fancy on you here. The Oly lifts are so dynamic and technical that some solid information and coaching are really useful. Even with my rusty old Oly bar and two 15# plates I've needed technical help.

MY WOD (workout of the day)
Run 400 meters: 1:54
rest two minuets
Run 400 meters 1:56
Rest two minuets
Run 400 meters 1:54
Rest two Minuets
Run 400 meters 1:53

Walking lunges with 45# BB with Bar on shoulders 10 steps out
Walking Lunges with 45# BB in OHS position 10 steps back
Four rounds.

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