Tuesday, November 06, 2007

AM before work workout.

Warm up: wall squats

5 minuets of Squats
Focuse on form.
Don't go any lower then were my Butt wink starts. My hamstrings are so tight which has increased my butt wink.
My total number was 120

5 min's Sots Presses
100 was the number with this. I had two 10# Db's (that's the biggest we have at work.)

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The Iron Maven said...


I like the Sots press idea to work on OHS flexibility-with db, kb or bb. Wicked tough!

As for the boobs, I've never had that issue and I've never spoken with any female lifters who had an issue. However, if the bar is coming out, it is likely your elbows aren't high and out (shoulders internally rotated) when pulling under/receiving the bar. Your elbows might just be too far back--not out. Can you get me a pic or a video? Drop me an email and I can call you and we can talk!

tfober at gmail dot com