Friday, November 30, 2007

Pushup form...hows yours?

Bring out the DB's or KB's and get that depth going with the elbows high.

Pictures taken from Crossfit Challenge in Old Town, VA

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Jerry Hill said...

Thanks for posting Jen!

Our pushups are legit, but the ones shown were not quite caught on camera in the full chest to ground position. Our "Pro Pushup" is hands extended on dumbbell still chest to ground!

We have yet to have one in our team hit a full 20 round "Cindy", we do have several real close...the only thing holding us back is our strict pushup standard. SO to improve we toughened the standards in our regular circuits to "Pro level", I'm sure that this will help in our next "Cindy" effort.

We can't measure progress on half reps...We get the chest to the ground...if we can't it's time to "shake the arms out" and rest/modify the reps/modify the load by shortening the fulcrum...never the range of motion.

In Strength,