Monday, November 19, 2007

I should never go to the store while on Pain meds! This is what I came home with.

Then the next big decision was which glass to use(I'm a geek...I collect beer glasses)

I had my first real PT session today. It was humbling! I came home and just had to do some sort of workout.
10 TGU sit ups. Which is with the KB just in my right hand overhead with the ab-mat under my back up to sit and back down.
10 squats
5 rounds
Then 10 TGU's with 15lbs in Right hand only.
It felt good to move a little!

Sunday I coached Crossfit DC. We had a blast! Today I start my job at the bike shop to make some extra cash. It's amazing to me that I'm a fully insured health care worker who is having issues paying all the bills from my much needed surgery.


aileen said...

hey. why dont you answer any of my messages?! did you have a tear or what? looks like you did with that sling. have a happy thanksgiving...and please dont tell me you are drinking alcohol and mixing it with pain killers :oI

F2 said...

Is there any other way to take pain killers?

Hey Jen - where is the post for the Thursday morning workout? Let's come up with a plan.

Adrienne said...

Hey Jen! Hope recovery is going well. Some good news.. you can take extra painkillers tomorrow because you'll be eating more.

Here's to a fast recovery!

Happy thanksgiving


Jerry Hill said...

Love that "Meantime", great brew.

Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the turkey get-ups!