Sunday, January 14, 2007

Things on my mind.
1. learn how to keep riding and doing Cf. It's a time issue really. I love to ride and I also want to get better at CF skills. We have a house and two dogs. I work 3 days of 12 hours. Cycling has fallen off since it's so easy to get the dogs out and workout at home. I could do a shorter ride with walking the dogs before and after. Not to mention keeping up a house and getting rested for another kick ass day. I'm sure spring will bring me more of a balance. It's funny that these are my concerns.

2.Don't push people or your partner to be as passionate as you are about fitness. Diane likes to workout in her own style. She rides a lot in spring and summer. For some reason I was very intense in letting her know that I did not think she worked out hard enough. She is very chill about her workouts and it's not at the top of her list of things to do everyday. She's happy with her body and feels that she is active and she's right. It scares me that when talking about fitness she refers to being happy with her body. Yes, that is part of it. Yet, it's not the kind of health I was thinking of. I'm thinking long haul, and the unseen. It really does not matter, since it's her call and not mine. Crossfit is like a sport to me and not everyone likes to chill out Conlin!

3. Working in a hospital I see a lot of obese people. What I can't understand is how they can accept it. Do people not realize the being obese limits the time that you can care for yourself? I'm not even talking about really huge people. If a person has a big gut, do they not realize that they can't reach there "privet areas" to keep clean? Do they not realize that with huge thighs they are walking strange and using huge amounts of energy. If they realize that there weight is a limiting factor how do they ignore it? Since it seems that they must. Countless times a day I have obese people say they don't understand why there knees are shot or why there back is non-fictional. So many people can't get up off a bed because they can't lift themselves. Or the people come in with high blood pressure and Chest pain and the first thing they want to know is "when can I eat" What the fuck!
Remember I'm not even talking about the really big people.


Force of Hobbit said...

I agree with you that being obese is a serious health concern, and all of us who in that category must take is seriously. I do think there are many people who don't - many obese people I have met are really ignorant about food, the 'american' diet, etc., and think that a brief walk on the treadmill will get them where they need to be. Being an obese person myself I have to say that it is much harder that you think to not be obese. I have also been on the other side - I have only been obese since I have been 36 years old. Now that I am obese, I have become invisible to many. I am treated differently, many times with discust. I work really hard, and am more fit than many of my colleagues, yet my weight is still not where it needs to be. It becomes an evil cycle of self-esteem, not feeling worthy, then you end up treating yourself just as bad as everyone else treats you. I am not sure what the answer is. I know I used to be beautiful and sexy and now all I see is big. Sometimes I am not sure if that is because I am big or because I am simply unhappy. It's all very complicated. I do know that I won't give up my quest for health. I want to be here for my kids when they get old, and I want to enjoy life. Does this even make any sense at all?

Jen said...

Force, thank you for the insight. I do have to say that your different than the people I'm speaking of. When I talk to them they have no clue or are in such deep denial that they have no clue. I'm sad to say that many of them just don't care, how the look, feel, eat, on. In my eyes we are talking about two different breeds. You my friend are not the breed I speak of. You have my honor and deepest respect. As for beautiful, your very much so!
I'm not sure how to explain the diference without being rude.
I understand the cycle, since I myself feel deal with it in different areas.
If only I could take you to work with me and let you hear and see the difference. Only then would you understand.