Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The DC ladies were back at it today. I've been feeling sick for a few days and you can tell because today we should have done 600 reps to kick out 2006. In my fog I forgot to have them do squats. So next week we have to make that up!!
100 jumping jacks, when we do J. jacks we hold are bodies nice and tight. No floppy arms!
100 pushups
100 KB swings
100 ball slams
100 walking lunges

I'm still working on my new camera and video. So no new pictures yet.

It sucks to be sick! All day I think about the workout I could be doing!! AHAHAG!

Oh, and let me end on a little rant. New Year...screw year. Working out being active has to be a way of life. Not a lets try it again this year deal. You have no choice you must move your body beyond it's limits or it will limit you. Let me ask you this. Do you have to tell your self every New year to go to work, eat sleep, talk? It should be the same way with being active. So walk to the post office, save gas and pump some blood into your legs. You get my point? Even though the News tonight talked about a "super pill" to lose weight, trust me it won't work! Trust me!
Oh and one last thing. No matter how you lose the weight it wont stay off if you don't stop eating shit and doing shit. If your going to take the "super pill" plan on taking it for the rest of your life, hoping the whole time that it wont poison your body and kill you.I realize this is repetitive..I just thought you needed to hear it again!

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