Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Primal Fitness Opening went well. So many Parkour Kids showed up it was crazy. As the day went on Cf'er came in as well. I was hoping for a better turn out from local people and friends but you can only share your passion from there it's out of your hands. Thanks Regi for showing your support! Tom was there with his crew of crazy boys! Anyhow, if you could not make it for whatever reason please come in anytime. If you have teenagers Parkour is like going to a skate park so bring them in for the Parkour and you can come in for a workout. I will be working on the video today.
I did so many little demos that my arms are sore! Pullups, KB swings, handstand pushups, rope climbs, wall leaps and Overhead squats. Oh and tire flips, tire pulls and some deadlifts with a rock. My idea about teaching and explaining to people always involves showing. People only hear 10% of what you say, so give them a mental picture, snap!
About 50 or so people came in. I hope we can get more of the parents to stop back and give it a look and try. A few of them showed interest but because there teenager was there they did not want to intrude on there space.
On a personal note I did about 5 or 6 OHS's with the full 45# bar and felt flexible in my lower back area. I've been working on my snatch and OHS, it seems to be working. Also, I was able to get more than 1/2 way up the ropes, two ropes same time no feet! It felt good!
Jesse and Mark worked there ass off and did a great job! We had no idea who would show up and so your really just taking it as it comes.
They have all the toys you could possible want now we need the people to keep coming. Oh, and a few cops came in which is cool. If they come in and do a workout they will be hooked. It's a hard thing to explain to people you need them to just do it. I think once that happens with the police that they will multiply. Today I'm skiping CFDC for a family day. I will miss it but need to do house stuff and hangout with Diane and the dogs.


leslie said...

I was thinking about Primal Fitness yesterday, and praying the opening went well. Happy to hear it did. Wish I knew how to get parents to participate in CrossFit, rather than just watching their kids...

Jen said...

Thank you Leslie! You rock! I'm trying to make a videoof the day, but it's taking me a long time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen sorry I missed out on the grand opening!! Glad everything went well, looked like it was a lot of fun