Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ok, so yesterday it was just Susan at the morning workout. She killed it. Susan gives 100% even when she's not feeling it.
I can't remember everything we did.
Warm up J. Jacks with DB
Broad Jump doing high steps inbetween.
Tire Pull with 15# DB inside
Up downs. Which are started in pushup position then down on forearms and back up.
Russian twists
Tire pull again
Ball cleans
More Ball cleans.
Nice work!

For me I did the Crossfit WOD.
Sprint 100m
12 KB swings
10 pullups
As many rounds as you can in 20 mins. I got 10 rounds. I did the work out at Primal with Jesse and Mark. It's a lot of fun to workout with friends. It really gets you pumped.
Also, worked on my Snatch with Jesse. I think I'm getting better but when I see the video I can't believe how tight I look. I've got to get down on that and under the bar. Time will help that, and weight. Since I'm only using like 35# or something. This picture is Mark on the floor and me with my foot on his chest, it's a bit blurry I'll put a better one up later. All of us look a little scary after the workout!
Today before work I'm going to work on L-sits.


Shari Baby said...

NIce job Jen, you got 10 rounds I got 9 - I could have kept up with ya if my knee didn't hurt and my hand didn't rip!!! AND we have almost the same snatch! You're awesome!! Where's the pic of you though?? Need to put a face with the post

CrossFit King said...

You Rip Jen......B