Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My personal workout will be to continue to work on some sandbag moves. Along with working the KB today. Not to mention my continued GTG pullups. Strangely I find that changing the grip with pullups really makes them harder.

One thing I really feel strongly about trying to communicate to people I work with. Is how activity has to be part of your life. Not something you do when lets say summer is over or winter has come. Or after the holidays. It has to be like eating, a little exercise everyday. If you can't workout, walk the dog to the park and try to do a few push ups while your there. Take the kids to the park and do the same. If you take 10 mins you can do something like Tabata, 20 secs work with 10 sec rest. Try for 8 sets of one exercise. It has to be now and forever not for a season!
Also keep in mind that you may not be able to do a true workout as much as you would like. In these times you just bang out a few pushups or squats, lunges that will help keep you going. Then there is just being active. Yes, it may be cold or rainy..So fucking what. If you walk around the block or challenge the kids to do some jumping jacks in the living room. My ideas are endless. Getting the kids involved is really important. Have challenges, not against each other. Go for personal bests. Your kids will remember that when the get older. Moms and Dads can kick a soccer ball or toss a ball around. Keep your mind open to ways to be active! Its fun! Then watch TV!

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Ken Black said...

You have a great attituide Jen:)