Monday, September 25, 2006

It was only about a year ago that I was working in Nero Rehab at Mount Vernon Hospital. Since then I've moved down to the ER. Which was good for me after 10 or more years in Rehab. Yet, I knew I would miss working with Quads and paraplegics. I still find working with Paras so rewarding, I miss it. Transferring patients is an art, teaching them to transfer themselves is hard work on there part and yours.
Transferring any type of patient requires body awareness of the transferee. It also requires you to know where the Pt's body is and how to help them know where it is and that they are safe. I've transferred pt's who weight is in the high 200lbs and low 300lbs with only pulling help from another therapist.
I loved transferring so much I even helped teach at the hospital. We would attempt to teach nurses how to transfer their patients for there safety and the patients. It a frustrating task. Since nurse's just don't seem to have the time or mind set to do it right. They just want to get it done.
So now I'm in the ER working with Nurses. I'm who they call for all the transfer's. These are not young or willing pt's these are very sick people who are not interested in doing the transfer the right way. They want to do it there way. Or they are mentally unable to take on the challenge.
When your transferring a person and your doing 70% or more of the work that is an easier transfers for the most part. That is a Deadlift. Squat with the persons legs between yours. Place your hands under there butt. Put there upper body over your shoulder so that their weight is pushing you back on your heels. Go with that flow of the weight moving over you. Pull with your hands under there butt and pivot your feet to the chair not coming much out of your squat.
Well, I've been doing that a lot over the last few days. With people who fight me or don't trust me. Because "your so small". Or your such a little lady. Shut the F(*& up and do what I say, goes though my head! Oh well, now my back is hurting from doing not so smooth transfers. One was into a car with old women who was pinching my boobs and butt so hard tears came to my eyes! Ouch! Getting people into a car is so hard in a squat position. Not to mention they always seem to have a SUV that you need a ladder to climb into the thing. Ok, this is a good lead in for my rant tomorrow.
This is a great movie. Check it out.

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