Monday, September 18, 2006

Let's watch our attitudes
It's important to remember that just because it works for you does not mean it's the only way. When I'm in my cycling group of friends or around Crossfit people I find we can have an attitude. It's deadly! It can turn people off and that is not my goal. We can know that one bike is better than others or that certaint components are better but geesh shut your big month! Just because someone has a shitty bike does not mean she/he loves cycling less or more. Just be grateful they ride at all. Drop the tude, save it for your own time. Same goes with fitness. The whole goal is to turn people on to being fit. I know, I know Cf works...You don't have to tell me that! I'm a believer! For others it just might not turn them on, be there thing...Whatever. Yes, maybe what their doing is not going to get the same results. At lest they're moving. It's great that they are doing something...Which in my book is better than nothing. In my past I was a die hard born again Christian. To the point that I was a missionary. As I came out of that life style I realized there is no one way. Freedom of choice is a great gift. Don't take it from others or it could be taken from you.
Do what you love and you will find others will be attracted to it because of your passion. Drop the attitude!


Gus said...


You asked, so I'm saying Hi. I found your blog through Krisa's most excellent I took some time to look at your workouts. They look great, in a brutal kind of way. It reminds me of the saying: it dosen't have to be fun to be fun.

Most of all I enjoy your enthusiasm. Passion for exercise can be contageous. And there is a real "if they can do it I can do it" effect. I commend your generosity. Keep it up.

I discovered Crossfit about a year ago and even worked out with a local affiliate here in Kansas City led by Mike Rutherford. He posts his own workouts on But like many others I tried too much too soon and endured a series of injuries.

In that time I broadned my knowledge with visits to Bryce Lane's; Ross Enamait's; Chip Conrad's; and Mike Maher's As well as several follow up visits to the temple of Krista for wisdom.

My current workouts combine bits and pieces of everything I've read. All of it is geared to the goal of improving my "daddy fitness." I define this as the ability to 1. sprint across the street to save a child; 2. lift everything in my house and carry it; 3. carry a 50 lb child a mile, possibly up hills or stairs; 4. rake leaves all day and then jump into piles; 5. drag kids plus sled up the steepest sledding hill in town until they quit; 6. do all of the above without pulling a muscle. The only time I have to workout is from 5 to 5:30 am. So I split my workouts into strength on Monday and Thursday; strength endurance on Tuesday and Friday; and cardio on Wendsday and Saturday. I follow a four week rotation. The work gets harder each week. Week four is a rest week featuring walks and yoga.

I noticed that you are experiencing some of the same aches and pains that I have. I highly suggest a rotation where you vary the intensity of your workouts. Larry Lindermann of Crossfit first suggested the three weeks on-one week off that works for me. Of course you may already do this. If so please forgive me for dragging this out so long.

Anyway, good blog. I hope you keep it going. You've got some ideas I'm planning to use.

Jen said...

Gus, awesome thanks so much for letting me know you were here.
As you said i have been taking more real rest days and it's been good for me. I've always had a hard time with rest days. I feel like I'm missing out on play time or something. With my cycling it was really important since my legs could get very burnt out.
Your links are great. I love Ross training and body tribe. I wish Body tribe was around here! Mike Mahlers site is just OK. He talks to much for me or something.
Have you been to the Underground site? It's a link on my blog. There is a fee for most of the stuff. I do a month to month thing. It's a stong site!
Ok, off to work. Thanks for your comments! Jen

Rob said...

I love your blog. I found it through underground strength coach. Any loved your Monday post, so true.
Also I wanted to thank you for checking out my blog
Keep it up.


Pamela MacElree said...

Hey Jen

I finally got a chance to read over a few things, look good! As I've been saying on USC keep it up. Nice thought about attitude as well. It can certainly be a driving force for you but also one that can drive others away.

We're planning a group workout for mid October, Jerry said you'd like to stop up if it fits into your schedule. I'll keep you posted.

CF Philly

kecks said...

I discovered your awesome blog through Krista's weight lifting site and I instantly liked what I read and saw: Another women doing the fun stuff and enjoying CF. =)

As a former competitive athlet (track 'n field, 100m and 200m) I especially like the "go hard and go fast"-approach of the WODs. Lying panting on the ground seems to be kind of rewarding not only for me (I know, I am completely not normal).

We are currently trying to establish a CF style "Work out in the Park"-group here in Munich; we've been running, jumping, pulling pushing and (bear-)crawling around for some weeks now and new faces tend to appear at our meeting point every week =))!

Good to know there are others out there.

Keep up the good work!

Gus said...


I hear you about rest days. But a friend put it best when she said: "If you are disciplined enough to workout every day you should be disciplined enough to sit on your butt for a week."