Friday, September 01, 2006

Jo is back at work as a teacher and still finding time to workout! Yeah, that is awesome. She did her share of pushing and pulling today. Remember fitness is more than working out, it's a state of mind. You have to love life even when it sucks!
For me it's raining and that kinda blows since I really wanted to ride today. So I'm going to hit the tire pull. It may be wet and rainy but I have to find the will to get out and put the time in. If only Louie would let me sleep past 3am!!!
Our workout:
Warm up:
Mt Climbers 30 seconds
J. Jacks 30
5 blurpees

We can call this one Ernesto
10 thrusters
10 pushups
15 Air squats
Go for 10 minuets do as many rounds as you can. Jo did at lest 8.

10 kb high pulls
10 KB swings
10 squats with the 26lb KB
10 tuck jumps
5 mins as many rounds as you can.

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