Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Found the true meaning of Underground Strength Coach today. As I was driving in to lead a workout with Susan it started to rain. So we moved our plan from outside to inside, but in the garage. It was hard core underground! Use your environment, make the most of your surroundings! This time I did not get any pictures but soon enough Susan will have a kick ass photos up.
Dynamic Warm up:
Side shuffles
power skips
Grape vine or ball&chain
virtual jump rope
lat jumps

It was ball day today
15lb med ball toss (side, underhanded, overhead, push)
15 lb slams 20, 15 reps
12lb ball push side lunge

Tabata: ( 20 sec of work 10 sec rest 4 sets two exercises)

Sumo high pull 10 X 2
For form KB swings...Until next time!
Lower back work

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